President Milosevic exonerated and his assassination proven/ Le Président Milosevic disculpé et son assassinat enfin prouvé/ Il Presidente Milosevic viene esonerato e la prova del suo assassinio stabilita. (click here)





History remains the history of the class struggle. It cannot be reduced to the prejudiced tales spun by the momentary dominating groups. Too much disinformation has been spread on the collapse of socialist Yugoslavia by the philo-Semite Nietzscheans of Nato and by others. To shed some objective light on the subject, one should, at a minimum, look at the following sources.

On the very complex multiethnic make-up of the former multinational State constituting former Yugoslavia, including the maps which illustrate the geographic dispersion of the various groups through history, without which everything else remains obscure, look at:  

Hérodote, Revue de géographie et de géopolitique, # 63, Octobre-décembre, 1991.  ISBN 2-7071-2088X  

On the objective analysis of the recent series of conflicts leading to the collapse of socialist Yugoslavia, the best source remains the late Gaullist retired general, Paul-Marie de la Gorce. True to his elevated character, he does not belabor the point about the crucial initial immixing of the German, Vatican, and US-Nato diplomacies, as an immediate cause of the Yugoslav national brake-up and tragedy. But he does not try to hide it either. Indeed, this started with the illegal recognition of the independence of the small-federated Yugoslav republic of Slovenia. This single but calculated step caused the end of the Balkan country and initiated the beginning of the post-USSR neo-Nietzschean “ideological cleansing’’ process in Europe and elsewhere.  

Paul-Marie de la Groce’s articles can easily be found at using the “search” function. Unfortunately, the English version of this site does not go far enough; but it still contains interesting articles on ex-Yugoslavia.




Nietzsche as an awakened nightmare

Président Milosevic, Albright and a few others (à venir/coming soon)


War on Campuses

While President Milosevic is unfairly portrayed as a "criminal" by a biased victors' tribunal at The Hague, Madeleine Albright and other Nato leaders involved in the Balkan wars and particularly in the last war of aggression against Yugoslavia are allowed to walk free. (for further details, see Class struggles and ideological cleansing in this same site. See also and In reality, President Milosevic only did what international laws (fight against terrorism) and the Yugoslav constitution (protection of the territorial integrity and the multinational character of the country) required of him. He cannot be deemed responsible for actions committed by foreign mercenaries often manipulated by the West (especially around Serbrenica) and by right-wing radicals, as history knows and will soon tell) This is another instance of the proverbial "two weights policy" now shamelessly applied by a kangaroo "international penal tribunal" which is illegal by virtue of not having been instituted by the General Assembly of the United Nations, as strictly required by the UN Charter. A tribunal which further chooses to shut its eyes on the illegality of Nato's unilateral aggression against Yugoslavia perpetrated without a prior specific mandate from the UN. At the same time, Washington refuses to recognize the jurisdiction of the UN legally instituted International Criminal Court (ICC) located in Rome. The US went so far as to pass legislation to protect its own citizens from the ICC's reach, by force if necessary, thus turning its own pretensions to humanitarian ingérence and international penal justice into a ridiculous bully's charade.

As we all know Ms Albright had substantial dealings with Thaci, a thug characterized as a terrorist by the US Administration itself, just before Ms Albright decided to use him at the Rambouillet conference. As you might recall, President Milosevic's offer to the Kosovars at Rambouillet was intelligent and far-reaching. It generously included evrything, not the least almost complete autonomy within Serbia. Without Albright and her terrorists thugs, both Kosovo and Serbia might have been spared the ensuing destruction and might have been able to integrate the European Union from a stronger, united starting point. Albright had the last word, though, and, in the process, both the Kosovars, the Serbs and the Europeans have been weakened by the American military presence in the Balkans. This was not without precedent since Ms Albright and the Administration she belonged to had encouraged al-Qaeda networks to help the rebels in Bosnia and Kosovo. This is the same Albright, the very same Jewish refugee from Czechoslovakia who was once sheltered by Yugoslav Partisans during the Second World War and who, nevertheless, was proud of using the little Serbo-Croate she had learned then, for propaganda purposes once she had decided to go to war. It is the same Albright who provoked the mass escape of the Kosovars from their province: indeed, she consciously decided to use Thaci and his terrorist thugs to fuel irrational fears of Serb retaliation in case of a US attack and who used Nato's bombs on civilian infrastructures in Kosovo (and occasionally on disoriented Kosovars' columns of refugees) under the fallacious pretext that they might have been used by the Yugoslav Army. It is the same Albright was used the word "genocide" to characterize this mass escape while refusing to stop the air bombing in order to allow the return of the Kosovars in their homes as President Milosevic had proposed. It was the same Albright who refused to intervene in Rwanda while a real genocide was taking place and could have been stopped. As everyone knows (except perhaps for Stephen Lewis and some of his colleagues) her criminal decision not to act forced President Mitterrand to go it alone and temporarily create a security zone in Rwanda to help stop the massacre.

These are well known, well documented and irrefutable facts. Yet, if you try to say so in forums such as Yahoo's "international-pupil-and" you will immediately be dropped from the list, since democracy and freedom of expression in a capitalist regime exist only in so far as they are tolerated by private owners holding access to most positions and means of mass diffusion of ideas (as the late Canadian Jew Izzy Asper made clear with his characteristic "editorial policy", foreshadowing a new theocratic era where the Temple would monopolize and dictate all "authorized" information). Together with Homeland security, this absolute control of information flows is part of the domestic planks of the Doctrine of preventive war. It is naturally also part of Richard Pipes's exclusivist and right-wing War on campuses, a new and pathetic rendition of Mccarthyism, that is to say, of generalized, ideologically motivated delation and brutish intimidation. Yahoo's student forum and others like it should be mass-tested by students and forced to be impartial or be permanently discredited. Otherwise preventive freedom and democracy would demand a complete boycott of such corporatively owned forums and the organization of parallel mailinglists outside them and their commercial venues. Freedom of expression is a necessary ingredient of peaceful dissent and peaceful civil disobedience. It has to be continuously defended everywhere, lest we are ready to contemplate the slow disappearance of all "democratic public spaces".                      




If there were a justice, the kangaroo court of the Hague, together with its political and military masters, would be brought to justice for premeditated murder. All the people speaking about the ''butcher of the Balkans'' while referring to President Milosevic instead of Albright would be likewise punished. Given that all these philo-Semite Nietzschean people fancy to replace the existing declarations of human rights with the Leviticus, the presumption of innocence would naturally be granted to them, but the Talion Law, counted seven times, would have to be dished on them, were they to be proved guilty. Is there a justice in today's world? Today, March 11, 2006, with President Milosovic's premeditated murder, the Western justice system has started its first run toward Nietzsche's preferred ''midnight''. Authentic democrats all over the world have been dirtied. Our human conscience has been wounded, in the process. And so were all the civilizational values we innocently trusted.

President Milosovic was physically sick. Yet, for years, the kangaroo court ignored the urgent pleas submitted by his doctors and by others. President Milosevic was illegally subjected to a 24 hours a day surveillance, and yet we are now told that he was discovered dead on his bed, this morning. President Milosevic, a lawyer by training, had chosen to defend himself. Yet, the kangaroo court plotted to negate his right to do so. It did this in two main ways. (See document below and refer to the site for more informations) First, it abused the national laws of some European nations, such as Germany, in order to prevent the International Committee for the Defense of President Milosevic to gather funds in order to pay for his legal aides. Second, a scoundrelous prosecution, utterly deprived of a real case, shamelessly fabricated one; and did so by imposing to President Milosevic a mountain of documents containing of a few million pages! (Carla del Ponte and her fellow philo-Semite Nietzschean aides should not be allowed to forget it.) As President Milosevic pointed out, the kangaroo court of the Hague was illegal, since it had not been created by the General Assembly of the UN, but instead but the murderous leaders of Nato who showered Yugoslavia with illegal bombs without sparing its civilian population or its television crews. You remember, too, that President Milosevic was kidnapped in his home to be forcefully brought before this illegal Hague court.

Yugoslavia was destroyed by the philo-Semite Nietzscheans intent on ideological cleansing. Immediately after conducting their aggression on Yugoslavia, they started to harass and then ultimately bombed a disarmed Iraq. They are now plotting the destruction of Iran and Syria, in order to impose the New and Subordinated Greater Middle East necessary for the creation of a Greater Israel, and the building of the illegitimate Temple of Solomon: This is intended as the main step towards the building of a theocratic global empire controlling all strategic natural resources together with the authorized flows of information.  

The disinformation at the hand of the terrorist Thaci, and of his masters, Albright et al., that was brought to its apogee during the Rambouillet Summit, led to the desperate flight of the Kosovars under the bombs ... of attacking Nato. I can personally testify to the fact that President Milosevic had repeatedly proposed the suspension of Nato's bombing in order to allow for the peaceful return of the Kosovars back in their homes. Albright, her Administration and the servile lackeys from Nato refused. And did so many times until negotiations ultimately produced a UN Resolution that confirmed Kosovo's appurtenance to Serbia. While the real Nato butchers of Yugoslavia dare speak heinously and falsely about President Milosevic, history will not forget their real aggressions. It will not, for instance forget, the rearmament and counseling of Croats by the US and the subsequent deportation of some 300 000 Serb citizens from Krajina. Nor will it forget the pitiful Kouchner who, as a representative of the UN in occupied Kosovo, chose to keep Thaci on his side upon his arrival in the Serb province, thus knowingly causing the deportation of more that 200 000 Serb citizens form a province of Kosovo that had been placed under his watch by the international community. Nor will it forget the illegal transformation of the UN ''safe havens'' (intended for the civilian populations in the contested fighting zones, a measure that I had proposed in my classes, in Montreal), including Srebrenica, into rear bases for guerrilla fighters by the UN forces, in a territory that was not under President Milosevic's political or military responsibly. When these safe havens were finally cleared up by opposing military forces, the UN generals, who knew exactly what to expect, just stood there and watched. Naturally, their political masters had other plans. So far, only the Netherlands has had the courage to acknowledge it.  

National and human rights are only worth the efforts you put in defending them. Serbs should not forget this.

Paul De Marco, professor of International Relations.

March 11, 2006.  




ICDSM Sofia-New York-Moscow


Velko Valkanov, Ramsey Clark, Alexander Zinoviev (Co-Chairmen), Klaus Hartmann (Chairman of the Board), Vladimir Krsljanin (Secretary), Christopher Black (Chair, Legal Committee), Tiphaine Dickson (Legal Spokesperson)


24 February 2006 Special Circular



On the occasion of today's decision of the Hague Tribunal Trial Chamber not to allow the urgently needed medical treatment of President Milosevic in Moscow, Vladimir Krsljanin, foreign relations assistant of President Milosevic and secretary of the ICDSM and Sloboda, made the following statement for the press:

"By this decision, the Hague Tribunal has shown clearer than ever that it does not take care about law and human rights. President Milosevic is denied his right to get medical treatment in the institution of his choice in spite of the guarantees of one of the most serious and most powerful countries in the world, a member of the UN Security Council.

This decision has criminal character and at the same time it further shakes the UN system. We expect this decision to be changed and call upon all who care about justice and human rights to contribute to that end."    




President Milosevic has the truth and law on his side. In order to use that advantage to achieve his freedom, we must fight this totally discredited tribunal and its patrons through professionally conducted actions.

The funds secured in Serbia are still enough only to cover the expenses of the stay and work of President Milosevic's legal associates at The Hague (one at the time).

After the unlawful attack of the German financial authorities on the ICDSM fundraisning in Germany, that lead to freezing of the ICDSM account in Germany, the simmilar attack took place recently in Austria, where the account of the Yugoslav-Austrian Solidarity was frozen. These unlawful acts, aiming to undermine and block the President Milosevic's defence, will be fought back legally.


To carry on the normal defence work -

3000-5000 EUR per month is our imminent need.

Please send your donations to the following account:  

Committee Intersol Postbank N.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands Accountnumber 4766774 IBAN NL07 PSTB 0004766774 BIC/Swiftcode: PSTBNL21


For truth and human rights against aggression! Freedom for Slobodan Milosevic! Freedom and equality for people!





President Milosevic exonerated and his assassination proven/ Le Président Milosevic disculpé et son assassinat enfin prouvé/ Il Presidente Milosevic viene esonerato e la prova del suo assassinio stabilita.

(Version française plus bas/Versione italiana più sotto)

See: « Hague Tribunal Exonerates Slobodan Milosevic for Bosnia War Crimes Ten Years Too Late »

The UN war crimes tribunal has determined that the late Serbian president was not responsible for war crimes committed in Bosnia during the 1992-95 war. The judges determined that Slobodan Milosevic was not part of a "joint criminal enterprise" to victimize Bosnian Muslims and Croats.

Written By: Andy Wilcoxson 18 July 2016 -

Quote : « The Tribunals official report on the inquiry into his death confirmed that, Rifampicin had been found in a blood sample taken from Mr. Milosevic on 12 January 2006.And that Mr. Milosevic was not told of the results until 3 March 2006 because of the difficult legal position in which Dr. Falke (the Tribunals chief medical officer) found himself by virtue of the Dutch legal provisions concerning medical confidentiality.[19]

The presence of Rifamicin (a non-prescribed drug) in Milosevics blood would have counteracted the high blood pressure medication he was taking and increased his risk of the heart attack that ultimately did kill him. The Tribunals admission that they knew about the Rifampicin for months, but didnt tell Milosevic the results of his own blood test until just days before his death because of Dutch legal provisions concerning medical confidentialityis an incredibly lame and disingenuous excuse. There is no provision of Dutch law that prohibits a doctor from telling the patient the results of his own blood test -- that would be idiotic. On the contrary, concealing such information from the patient could be seen as malpractice. »

Let me underline here, « once again », that as a Jewish child escaping Nazifascist persecution, M. Albright took refuge in Yugoslavia. Some exclusivist crimes are far worse than others.

Full light still needs to be established on the murderous Natos manipulations leading to the massacres of Srebrenica.

Paul De Marco, ex-professor of International Relations International Political Economy.


Le Président Milosevic disculpé et son assassinat enfin prouvé.

Voir : « Dans un silence médiatique total, Slobodan Milosevic a été disculpé de toutes accusations de crimes de guerre »

09 Aout 2016

Ajoutons : « Le rapport d'enquête officiel du Tribunal concernant sa mort du Président Milosevic - confirma que de la « Rifamicine fut trouvée dans un échantillon de sang prélevé sur M. Milosevic le 12 janvier 2006. » Et que : « M. Milosevic ne fut pas mis au courant des résultats jusqu'au 3 mars 2006 du fait de la position légale délicate dans laquelle se trouvait le Dr. Falke the médecin en chef du Tribunal en vertu des provisions légales néerlandaises au sujet de la confidentialité médicale. »

La présence de Rifamicine un médicament non-prescrit dans le sang de Milosevic aurait eu pour conséquence de contrer l'effet du médicament qu'il prenait contre la haute pression et aurait accru le risque d'une attaque cardiaque qui, en fait, le tua. Le Tribunal admit qu'il était au courant pour la Rifamicine depuis des mois mais qu'il n'informa pas Milosevic des résultats de ses propres examens sanguins du fait des « provisions néerlandaises concernant la confidentialité médicale », ce qui, en l'occurrence, représente une bien étrange et douteuse excuse. Il n'existe aucune loi néerlandaise qui interdise au médecin d'informer le patient des résultats de ses propres examens sanguins ce qui, au demeurant, serait idiot. Au contraire, occulter une telle information reviendrait à une faute professionnelle de la part du médecin. » (Cest moi qui traduit ; voir l'article en anglais cité ici.)

Je souligne, « encore une fois », que la criminelle de guerre juive-américaine M. Albright trouva refuge, enfant, en Yougoslavie ! Certains crimes sont plus monstrueux que les autres ainsi que l'enseigne l'Histoire de lexclusivisme.

La lumière doit encore être faite au sujet des manipulations criminelles de l'OTAN qui conduisirent au massacre de Srebrenica.

Paul De Marco, ex-professeur de Relations Internationales Economie Politique Internationale.


Il Presidente Milosevic viene esonerato e la prova del suo assassinio stabilita.

Vedi: « Verità e giustizia per Slobodan Milosevic » di Michele Franco *

Aggiungere: a) Pur menzionando l'articolo in inglese qui citato, non si fa menzione della presenza occultata di Rifamicina nel sangue del Presidente, cosa ben saputa ma tenuta segreta per mesi dal Dr. Falke, capo medico del pseudo-Tribunale; b) Le critiche mosse contro il Presidente Milosevic avrebbe favorito i Serbi sono anch'esse negati dallo stesso pseudo-Tribunale e dai fatti, il Presidente Milosovic avendo negoziato gli accordi di Dayton, gli accordi di Rambouillet rifiutati unilateralmente dalla criminale di guerra M. Albright fatto confermato da Hubert Védrine che ne notò l'arroganza e i squilli durante i negoziati - , e avendo, senza successo, proposto una tregua dei bombardamenti americani per mettere fine all'esodo dei Kosovars, esodo voluto dalla criminale di guerra Albright - vedi pure per il Rwanda … - e dai suoi complici esclusivisti della NATO. « Solo la verità è rivoluzionaria ». E la verità non esiste a meta.

Sottolineo, « una volta ancora », che quando fuggiva i Nazifascisti la piccola ebrea Albright si salvò trovando rifugio in Iugoslavia. Certi crimini esclusivisti sono peggiori degli altri.

Rimane ancora fare luce sulle manipulazioni criminali della NATO che portarono al massacro di Srebrenica.

Paolo De Marco, ex-professore di Relazioni Internazionali Economia Politica Internazionale.