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Table of Contents


Preamble and strict separation of Church and States.

To reestablish the facts against the new Right-wing Zionist obscurantism concerning the alleged ''roots'' of European and Western civilization.

The human roots of Adam.

The cultural genesis in its syncretic dimension and the alleged purity emanating from ''divine''origin.

Constantly reexamine your concepts and your theoretical canvas.

What are racism and anti-Semitism ?



( 20/07/2004 )

Judeo-Christian roots or warmongering regressive fascistic ideology ? A dispassionate investigation is in order. It is urgent because there is now a vast philo-Semite Nietzschean offensive in Europe and in the whole world to cause a return to a cast theocratic society. In Europe, '' religiously '' minded and unelected circles, representing but a minute minority of the population, pretend to subvert democratic fundamental freedoms by engineering the demise of secularity, hence the demise of freedom of conscience in the constitution itself. The Preamble of the future European constitution had thus outrageously been turned into an ideological and political battlefield.

However, as you might expect, the good news is not contained in psalms struck up by Obadiah Yossef or Karol Wojtyla, nor in the preventive war strategies imagined by North-American financiers close to the Kach and the Likud or to other colonialist groups, nor is it to be found in the reconstruction of the illegitimate Solomon temple as is currently contemplated by the lunatic members of the Temple Institute. It certainly is not contained in any illusory Homeland security or any Wall of separation mainly calculated to consolidate the domestic war front at the expense of basic civil liberties while launching a series of murderous preventive wars on a global scale.

It should be noted that in the first days of the month of July, 2004, the INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE HAGUE unambiguously condemn the Apartheid Wall of separation now built by Sharon as a way to expropriate about 90 % of historic Palestine ( of which Gaza and the other Occupied Territories, including East Jerusalem, constitute only 22 % ). The ICJ also asked Israel to tear down this wall which it judged inappropriate to ensure security in the region. Note that according to the paper Le Monde ( 1 ) this racist colonial wall of separation is intended to cover 730 km and will cost 3,4 billions when finished. In effect, it will create and encircle a series of Palestinian bantustans  (Added: a picture being worth one thousand words, click here to see four maps of Palestine which illustrate de dehumanizing and racist colonial expropriation in course: http://www.forumpalestina.org/news/2008/Ottobre08/07-10-08ProblemaSulCampo.htm )

Israel is now a bankrupt puny State which lives off US and European charity. It does so to the tune of some 3 billion dollars of annual aid, respectively. In a way, we, in North America and Europe, are all being made complicit with Sharonesque and Likud racism and colonialism. All of us are also responsible for the unbearable and idiotic arrogance manifested by these supported international Right-wing bums, gifted with a theocratic and Middle-Age obscurantist mentality. Lest it be forgotten, the ICJ has asked all States and all international organizations to contribute to the tearing down of this monstrous Apartheid Wall. A return to international legality and peace cannot be had otherwise.

The alternative to this global regression does already exist and is written down for instance in the secularity principle enshrined within democratic constitutions and in the Geneva Accord recently signed by Jewish and Palestinian unofficial negotiators.

Right-wing Jewish Zionists have dangerously placed Israel at the core of this regressive general offensive. It is unfortunate because thanks to an unconditional recognition of an independent and sovereign Palestinian State in the borders existing before June 1967, the State of Israel would immediately become a peaceful and prosperous entity. This is because the recognition of full Palestinian national rights would cause the immediate cessation of all border and regional hostility and usher the prosperous integration of Israel and Palestine in the Middle East region and in the wider Mediterranean ensemble.

In more rational times, this would be a plain evidence. The problem is, the Zionists of all stripes, in reality the usual Nietzschean proto-fascists and fascists now wrapped in different clothing, have come to the conclusion that the capitalist system cannot survive if it does not reintroduce a soft and smiling form of slavery and a new domesticity albeit with some bread ( a Friedmanite guarantied general income enforced by a brutal workfare ) and plenty of circuses and reality shows. On top of this, we are also forced to endure the many uncouthed '' pitres '' of many lower philo-Semite Nietzschean clergies ! (If you still need to inquire into the philo-Semite Nietzschean roots of Fascism just check the role of Margherita Sarfatti in educating and supporting her "duce" up until 1938 - and even later. Check also the role of her father, a Venetian wealthy Jew, in financing the rise of the most reactionary Catholic popes in the most Machiavellian way imaginable ...  No apologies have been presented to the Italian Republic and the Italian people yet. As for the philo-Semite Nietzschean roots of  Nazism, aside form Nietzsche, you will not want to miss reading on Abba Ahimèir for instance in http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jabotinsky . You might also want to check the success of the likes of Sarfatti in North America ... until 1942 ... )

Capitalist competition does squander resources but it also encourages a race to micro-economic productivity. This simply means that individual firms are able to produce greater quantity of a given product in the same laps of time but with less labor power. Fatally, capitalist micro-economic productivity produces both unemployment and an increasing macro-economic dysfunction revealed by a growing inadequacy of the overproduction of goods and services and a chronic under-consumption, which amounts to a wasteful use of available resources. At times, the system is able to absorb the excess labor power freed by increased micro-economic productivity by creating new intermediary sectors. However, the absorbing power of traditional manufacturing industries is now essentially lost due to both growing productivity and delocalization. Besides, today, the greatest productivity and therefore the most acute inherent contradictions increasingly concern all the high-tech sectors. It is said that 20 % of the entire labor work will soon suffice to take care of the production of all goods and services. The dilemma is clear. Capitalism is now confronted to the forked road long predicted by Karl Marx. It has to choose either a democratic society based on the dignity of all citizens as conferred by shared work , and thus a more egalitarian social redistribution of wealth, or it can choose a regressive cast society based on a new slavery and new domesticity sustained by a ferocious inegalitarian social redistribution. In their own ways, Thoma Paines as well as Marx had opted for the first alternative, the only one that is compatible with human freedom and equality. Nietzsche, and with him all the philo-Semite and non-philo-Semite Nietzscheans, first among them the Right-wing Zionist warmongers, have chosen the second alternative. Brzesinski had used secret US documents to theorize his '' technetronic" revolution'' (In particular the Report from the Iron Mountain which was declared true by John Galbraith on his honor before being unconvincingly if typically presented as a parody ... after his death.) Huntington, the '' quiet American '' who theorized the Vietnam '' strategic hamlets '' had also quietly laid out the map from the present wars of civilization. Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Sharon, even Shimon Peres are now busily carrying out the grand plan. Alain Bauer and many others are also quietly doing their part. (On Alain Bauer the former Grand Master of the Grand Orient see my third book using the search function to go faster.)

Of course, this includes a return to walled fortifications, the trading of popular freedoms against elites security, the substitution of a hierarchical multiconfessionality for secularity and freedom of conscience. These Nietzscheans are, in fact, more convinced than either Hegel or Marx about the pertinence of the '' masters and slaves dialectics'' . Their bet is that the new salves would be enticed to fear and even respect and love their masters, if only they could permanently control the conscience of the dominated people and classes ! Fear can be engineered by various intrusive homeland security systems and the corollary brutal and illegal repression ( see the various bogus security threats in the US since 9/11 or the illegal status of Guantanamo etc ). Respect and love for the '' masters '' are a different matter all together. They suppose a successful preventive war against critical intelligence and against the means necessary to exercise plain intelligence in a socially useful fashion. This includes the desired pastoralization of the Middle East and of all likely rivals of the new theocratic empire. Not only these rivals are asked to unilaterally give away their own means of military deterrence, they are also asked to become subservient protectorates of the empire and to gratefully entrust all their advanced research and technology to the dominant imperial casts. Necessarily, this strategy also includes the education and propaganda systems. Education is now rapidly privatized everywhere, including in Europe. The dominant mass media, despite the failure of the '' convergence paradigm'' , already control the '' flows of authorized communication'' . This is ludicrously thought to produce the hoped for '' deference to Authority'' especially when this unlikely '' Authority '' is based on theocratic, freemasonic and incestuous diplomas ! ( Compare the intellectual and ethico-political achievements of a Rove, a Frum, a Kagan or a Perle among others to those of any Marxist you can think of . Compare although the '' brilliant '' and mediatized production of many famous '' pitres '' with the production of these two and that of their friends ! The most ludicrous among them have quickly learned to take their cues from second rate Polish anti-revolutionary movie directors and have fittingly tried to mask their unpalatable and unsupported '' salad '' as a ( Nietzschean and Freudian ) mixture of reportage and fiction ! All of them are busily trying to '' deconstruct '' - many unfortunately on public pay - the democratic concepts par excellence according to which the only '' authorities '' that deserve unquestioning respect are the scientific method and the free conscience necessary to put it to use. ) The Nietzschean lower clergies are already doing their best to mystify the conscience of the proletariat and of all democratic citizens. The construction of '' the '' temple is already planned and we all know what kind of nefarious opium it can continuously distill in people's minds. There only remains to set the constitutional stage so as to allow for a smooth and '' legal '' regression to cast theocratic society through a previously legalized multiform expropriation of fundamental citizens' rights, including the right to resist culturally and democratically.

This is what is currently involved in the brutish and vulgar offensive trying to enshrine the demise of secularity in the European constitution. '' Make no mistake about it'' , this is a war of terror forcefully conducted against all peoples. For now the resistance can still be conducted legally and peacefully. However many Freemasonic lodges and other secret societies, whose members have infiltrated the main economic, cultural and political decision centers of Western society, have already chosen unfettered global neoliberalism and the return to a new soft and smiling slavery.( These groups acting behind the scene include part of the inner circles of the intelligence services increasingly sheltered from democratic scrutiny. ) This is true of all parties : Neither the left nor some '' disoriented '' circles of the remaining communist parties are immune to the infiltration ( the obvious proof is the renegade silence and intolerable censorship concerning the Marxist labor law of value as well as the need to openly and unreservedly resist the current Zionist counter-reformation in all its forms. For some, Marx has even become a '' specter'' , a choice that might soon come to haunt them. In normal and rational times, this should have caused the immediate intellectual and ethical uprising of the rank and file as well as that of the other authentic representatives in order to quickly restore the honesty and credibility of the Party. ) ( 2 )

Democratic vigilance and mobilization is now vital if we want to avoid a more open and ferocious conflict later. As Nietzscheans well know, '' numbers '' do count. But they only can make the difference if we are intellectually and politically alert. Scientific knowledge and good common sense are on our side. We need to make the best use of them and make accessible to all the best of scientific knowledge for the benefit of all citizens, without betraying its authentic meaning in the process. We humbly need to call on the critical intelligence of all our fellow citizens. The Nietzschean reduction of the scientific spirit nihilistically turned over on its head to serve as a mere ideological tool of cast domination is still confronted to the fact that ordinary people still benefit from a public education : They can still read and write and intimately know that they have to read between the lines to get to the real facts. The massive offensive of lies and obfuscations carried out before and after 9/11, as well as those surrounding the new war in Iraq, are now rapidly unraveling. However, this will not disarm the philo-Semite Nietzscheans. Quite the contrary ! Unless the republican institutions and spirit hold firm, it will induce them to forge ahead with renewed criminal lies and covert criminal actions. Nothing can be more manipulated by political scoundrels than alleged or real terrorism : After all, who does pretend to be the '' awakened nihilists '' cleverly guiding so many unsuspecting '' militant nihilists '' and producing so many true and fake '' blowbacks '' ?

Democracy is presently fighting its greatest battle yet. And it cannot afford to loose. It can still win peacefully if it is capable to mobilize all its critical intelligence and the tolerant spirit necessary for the persuasion of the majority of citizens and their political and judicial representatives. The philo-Semite Nietzshean political project needs to be scientifically debunked, its political plans need to be utterly deconstructed and its cultural and spiritual theocratic pretensions pitilessly reduced to pieces and never allowed to be reborn from their ashes. At the same time, the utmost respect of the inner convictions of all individuals remains the hallmark of all authentic democratic struggles and a necessity for their ultimate victory. Above all, while carrying out this sacred critical duty, let us never confuse Right-wing elements and classes with entire people and entire ethnic groups. Demarcation is a prerequisite of scientific thought as well as ethical clear-sighteness. The following lines were intended as a contribution to the urgent collective '' reevaluation of all democratic values. ''

Preamble and strict separation of Church and States.

As you might presume Rome did not '' create '' the world, nor did Roman Gods. The same applies to Israel : Despite what rabbis unscientifically teach, Israel did not create the world. It even borrowed its Eloims and its God from the Mesopotamians. Anyone who disputes this in the historical domain is a liar and a fraud. Any religiously minded person who dispute this historical and scientific evidence is a crook and an obscurantist and shows little understanding of the qualitative side of his/her own beliefs. Especially if he/she uses this fallacious beliefs in order to rebuild a temple on the occupied land of another people at the cost of a permanent war of civilization, such as that launched by Sharon, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and Bush. That said, anyone is entitled to his/her own religious belief in his/her own privacy. It is therefore more important than ever to present a refutation of exclusivist falsehood and a reasoned defense of the secularity principle.

The secular principle consists in a strict guarantee of the freedom of conscience, that is to say the freedom to believe or not to believe in God or Gods. This principle should be enshrined into the Preamble of the European constitution as well as in the corpus of the text of the Charter of Rights immediately after the article protecting freedom of religion. If this cannot be done, the European Constitution should remain pointedly silent on the question, letting each member State to define its own course in the matter. Any European constitution alluding to any specific religious '' heritage '' should be rejected without hesitation as discriminatory towards all other religions as well as toward agnostic beliefs or simple atheism. The subject matter is indeed vital : It simply send us back to the conception we adopt concerning political sovereignty. Political sovereignty can either be derived from a divine origin ( theocracy ) or be vested with the sovereign people ( republic, democracy ). Europe cannot become another Vatican; nor can it become another Israel that would be defined as an officially racist and theocratic State ( one reserved to one single ethnic and religious group. ) Only the secularity principle is worthy of the long history of European Humanism. It is the exact contrary of the multiconfessionality ( 3 ) regime desired by the many Alain Bauer, Stasi and friends who hope for a reintroduction of religious obscurantism within public schools without ever seriously insisting on the equal rights of agnostic beliefs or atheism or even of atheism in the form of what I described as a '' psychology of liberation '' according to a set of scientific parameters clearly presented for the first time in my Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme.

The Preamble of the European Constitution should similarly include the condemnation of all forms of racism as being diametrically antithetic to European humanism. It should underline the fact that whereas anti-Semitism constitutes a serious ideological and historical form of racism, exclusivism in any of its shapes or forms does constitute the most virulent form of racism. A strict implementation of the secularity principle constitutes the best prophylactic measure against religious exclusivism. However, only strict legal measures can combat political exclusivism, simply because any form of political exclusivism constitutes a direct violation of the constitutionally enshrined principles of equality, tolerance and freedom ( particularly freedom of conscience. ) Sterile discussions should be avoided, especially since they obviously are instrumentalized by powerful groups which often originate outside Europe itself. Instead, the Preamble should preventively take the trouble to add that anti-Zionism evidently represents a fully legitimate political opinion ( both ideologically and above all historically ) and as such falls under the provisions guaranteeing freedom of speech and opinion. As a matter of fact, Th. Hertzl was not a prophet. His own community harbors many diverse opinions about what is or should be considered legitimate '' Zionism '' after 1947 or even after May 15, 1948. Above all, the Preamble of the European Constitution should condemn with the utmost severity any form of Right-wing Zionism. This represents a moral obligation for all European citizens, whatever their origins. This is particularly the case in Europe, since anti-exclusivism as an ethical duty is strictly placed under the auspices of the resistance to Nazism and fascism. As such, it is a duty toward the authentic memory of history, a duty which binds all European States which owe their legitimacy and even their national constitution to the Resistance, at least when their constitution was not written on the other side of the Atlantic.

We should recall that Zionism is a multiform movement born from the pogroms and from the Dreyfus Affaire. It later imposed its visions on the West as a consequence of the culpability which followed the policy of racial extermination conducted by the Nazis. After the PLO recognized the principle of '' the exchange of all the occupied territories against peace'' , Zionism, as such, took a new and potentially fruitful turn although, unfortunately, this is presently ignored by many people who should know better. Indeed, with the breakthroughs accomplished at Oslo, Zionism had, at last, become compatible with the uncontested legal existence of Israel in exchange for Israel recognition of the existence of an independent and sovereign Palestinian State over all the Occupied Territories mentioned in UN Resolutions 242 and 338. Right-wing Zionism as such is a dangerous perversion which openly displays fascistic, colonial and theocratic characters and openly claims to be racist : It openly plans the political abolition of the Palestinian people as a people and implements measures directly aimed at its '' silent '' deportation from its remaining native lands in order to usurp them and build an Utopian Greater Israel ( Eretz Israel ), a State wrongly deemed capable to impose the reconstruction of the illegitimate and historically unsubstantiated temple of Solomon over the ashes of Haram al-Sharif, the Third Holy Place of Islam. This lunatic project is per se monstrous in so far at it necessarily implies the brutal humiliation of the entire Palestinian people, and of an entire human group comprising more that 1,2 billion Muslims, at the hand of a historically persecuted people. Furthermore, it would imply a permanent war of civilization and consequently the shameful and ludicrous tentative to build a philo-Semite Nietzschean empire necessary to implement this dreadful theocratic choice. Such a project similarly implies the curtailing and suppression of our cherished civil liberties in exchange for a fake promise of '' security '' destined only to a few self-proclaimed dominant castes. All this is evidently diametrically opposed to the values historically developed in Europe, especially those values born in the resistance to Nazism and Fascism. No intimidation can ever be tolerated in this respect. No unsubstantiated denunciation of anti-Semitism having as its sole object the masking of Right-wing Zionism should ever be tolerated by any citizen who cares about his/her republican duties, or be tolerated for that matter by the justice system. Confusion and amalgamation as we know often lay the ground for the most violent form of obscurantism, an obscurantism which is only too prompt to explain away its numerous war crimes as a legitimate form of self-defense every time we let such preposterous arrogance carry the day.

We should underline the obligation for Europe to institute a multiethnic commission, gathering in its mist all the creeds, religious or non-religious, with a clear mandate, namely that of monitoring racism in all its forms in Europe. This multiethnic Commission would be vested with the power to present its '' recommendations '' to the competent authorities and, more importantly, it would be the only one in possession of such an official mandate. It could eventually choose to listen to other organizations with a similar mandate, but too often these organizations are mere pressure groups created for the defense of only one ethnic or religious group. Nevertheless, this European the multiethnic Commission should never be under any legal obligation to do so. This Commission would have the mandate to define the technical and legal terms in an operationalized fashion in order to reach a concrete comprehension of the situations as they concretely present themselves in the field. This will allow it to intervene with a greater intelligence and efficiency. This action can only have a preventive character but is eminently useful for the elimination of any fallacious drifting it would detect. Repression, for its part, must perforce depend on very different instances and methods. More or less manipulated diatribes in the domain are not very helpful and can even become quite counter-productive particularly when they are launched and supported by various groups organized as '' sects '' which too often fall prey of the '' politically correct '' syndrome. In such cases, the Commission should take into consideration a comparative assessment of the racist acts it would itself have discovered and analyzed. This would allow it to excuse none of them but instead to condemn them all with an equal justice. Whatever one may think of the historical, philosophical or Nietzschean meaning of the '' Shoah'' , these interpretations definitively do not authorize anyone, least of all in Europe, to think that an anti-Islamic insult is any less serious than an insult directed against Jews. The incomprehension of this plain evidence irremediably implies the inability to distinguish between two different ethico-political realms which need to be kept distinct. The anti-Arabism and anti-Islamism of individual Jews ( be they of Israeli nationality or not ) living in Europe has to be considered according to exactly the same criteria as any other forms of racism. However, the same manifestation of anti-Arab and anti-Islamic racism in provenance from Jewish organizations, whatever they may be, are ontologically unacceptable and should be condemned with the utmost rigor and severity. Indeed, the legitimate role of such a multiethnic Commission is to rigorously put aside any hierarchy between types of racism and to combat them all for a simple and good reason, namely that all European citizens and landed immigrants are born with the same inherent claim to human equality. This further implies the utmost vigilance toward the political and religious locus from where such ethical perversions are spread. This conception, the only one which can claim to be democratic and non-exclusivist should be generalized to all the member States of the European Union. This would serve to legitimize the activities and the recommendations of the multiethnic commission. It would furthermore spare us all the kind of indignity witnessed after the beginning of the Second Intifada, when an Italian Jew, who had beaten himself on the face, publicly alleged that he had been assaulted by '' antisemitic '' groups. This fabricated version was instantaneously given a wide media audience and gave rise to arrogant and righteous denunciations from many Italian and Italian Jewish organizations, which never cared to substantiate the alleged facts as was proven subsequently by the confession of the said Italian citizen. Of course, we all know that this kind of events is very rare and quite exceptional in nature. They can even be motivated by sincere but deplorable motives. Nevertheless, this type of arrogant drifting should be avoided like the plague for a simple reason, namely that the moral and political principles upheld by national and European institutions have to remain stainless in order to maintain their impartiality and their legitimacy.

The Preamble should similarly impose to the EU and to every EU member the obligation to fully integrate all their inhabitants. The specific policies necessary to accomplish this integration can be left for every member State to decide as long as no specific ethnic, religious or economic community anywhere in the EU will be systemically over-represented within the main political decision centers as well as within civil society. This systemic over-determination, when it is confirmed years after years, is but the anti-democratic sign of an underlying cast Nietzscheism which constitutes a grievous insult against the evolution and meaning of European and global humanism. This humanism becomes worthless without a real equality of opportunity, which can uniquely guarantee social mobility on the basis of real merit as certified by objective criteria instead of depending on incestuous letters of recommendation and on pastoral letters or any other prosthesis of that sort. Some people are now bent on quarreling with the concept of '' positive discrimination '' or with alleged '' communautarism'' . Yet, it is obvious that their quarrels have only one objective, that of protecting the acquired and often undeserved privileges of their own native community, which can now benefit silently from the systemic perpetuation of existing privileges exhibited in all class societies, and particularly within capitalist and theocratic/capitalist societies. Be it as it may. Nevertheless, a modern society worthy of the name should ensure that all individuals should benefit from an equal opportunity before being confronted with any class-oriented selection process. However, the implementation of measures destined to insure the recognition of equal merit is not enough. The main worry of modern societies should further be to avoid the sort of racist and class-oriented discrimination, which is justified by cast empathy. This is unfortunately too obvious in many non-objective selection processes particularly as far as employment is concerned. The private sector remains the main culprit but the public sector is still far from being up to the task. Yet, we all know that these practices surreptitiously lead to the undemocratic and unconstitutional over-discrimination of some specific groups, if not of some specific individuals, each and every time the State refuses to honestly play its role of umpire.

The European constitution should similarly insist on the EU attachment to a secular, universal and public system of education. This would entail a strict implementation of the secularity principle. The teaching of religion should be banished from all schools, be they public or private. These institutions of learning have no vocation to teach any type of catechism and articles of faith, their mission being instead to teach the modes of reasoning associated with rational, critical and scientific investigation. Conversely, in an effort to avoid feeding into damaging and truncated dialectical processes, which can lay the ground for the spiritual '' voluntary servitude '' of the students, an effort should be made to integrate the comparative teaching of all religions in the light of both the logical and historical development of the spirit of Enlightenment and of the main principles of modern ethnology and archeology. These subject matters should either be integrated within the ordinary academic programs or be made the object of specific courses, the schedules permitting. Courses specifically devoted to religion as such would be tolerated but only as optional courses undersigned by parents and offered outside the main academic schedule. In some countries, this would imply that such optional courses be offered on Thursday afternoons, which simply means the reintegration of the Saturday mornings in the normal academic schedules. ( This period is absolutely necessary for a normal learning rhythm, especially during early childhood, but it has been lost for obscurantist reasons, which no one dares to explain in public, presumably from fear of be labeled an anti-Semite by the most notorious exclusivist organizations of the day and by their mouthpieces often acting behind the scene. ) The refusal to condone any regression whatsoever such as would be contained in a return to multiconfessionality should equally imply the cessation of all public financing of private schools and universities whenever they refuse to follow the rules set up within the public sector regarding the curriculum as well as the hiring process of the academic staff. These secular guidelines would be absolute, except for the hiring of the teachers responsible for optional religious courses who presumably would have to be partially selected by competent religious hierarchies. Whatever the case may be, public financing of such private schools should remain very exceptional. In particular, we should denounce the present situation in Italy where preschoolers are totally abandoned to religious institutions or that prevailing in France where a strange, appeased secularity, translates into 30 % of all Catholic, Protestant and Jewish students being sent to private religious schools ! Naturally, it is only a question of time before parents of Muslim background will demand the same license, especially since all private schools are presently exempted from the reach of the new law concerning the display of religious symbols inside the premises of public schools. ( Ridicule does not always kill but it surely poisons the atmosphere as Alain Bauer knew from the start. ) It goes without saying that multiconfessionality in the schools unavoidably means the implementation of evaluation and selection methods of the teaching staff, which are both subjective and personalized. This, in turn, comforts the ludicrous idea of selective ( divine ) '' election '' that represents an intolerable refutation of the ideal of democratic and republican equality, especially when this systemic discrimination is achieved with public funds. This militant anti-egalitarianism impacts all the inherent dynamics which underline the social mobility dear to any Republic, especially when they escape from the statistical equalization (operated by the Law of Great Numbers) resulting from the entry exams leading to the Grandes Ecoles, even though this equalization is still far from being class-neutral. As soon as it is allowed to permeate the schools, this militant anti-egalitarianism makes it possible to '' rationally '' explain the unexplainable. For instance, the fact that, in an advanced capitalist society, the ratio between low and high revenues can far exceed 1 to 3 or 1 to 5, and even exceed these ridiculous ratio when you consider inherited wealth, although these ratios can legitimately be considered as the maximum levels that could be tolerated on the basis of merit in a real democracy (the present ratio is now in excess of 1 to 500!!!) Or consider the fact that speculators, who often are mere crooks in white collars who do not contribute a single penny to the creation of economic wealth per se, can lavish upon themselves exorbitant '' salaries '' and '' guaranteed loans '' offered as '' bonus'' , while small stockholders are invariably left to pay the cost of the recurrent flops engendered by their speculative behavior. ( And, of course, this is all done without any biblical leveling of the playing field every fifty years ! Indeed, for them, ethics and history seem always to be '' contemporary '' ethics and history despite the rhetoric ! ) These speculators like to refer to themselves with grand names such as CEO ( '' chief executive officer '' = entrepreneurial '' duce'' , megalomania included ? ) Nevertheless, once solidly in place, these professional speculators, always tightly connected to peers groups and various other coteries, fancy themselves as really deserving their positions. They thus naturally come to see '' integration '' as a simple matter concerned mainly with the management of a labor power seen as less qualified than themselves. This thinking is aggravated by their fanatical propensity to shun any conception of creation of value based on human labor ! Not surprisingly they then righteously denounce '' communautarism '' as a supreme danger, without ever mentioning matriarchal or patriarchal lineage and the other customs deeply intertwined with the transmission of private property and ethnic status. Indeed, they are always instinctively ready to defend these transmission mechanisms to the last drop of their blood, so to speak. Obviously '' communautarism '' is for them a fighting and selective concept. If you were to take their anathema too seriously, any attempt to generalize it to matters dear to their own community of origin but with a coherent respect of republican principles, would simply expose you to the risk to be labeled as a dangerous '' anti-Semite '' so that, in the end, you probably would be grateful to the Koran and the Civil Code for their wise failure to codify such matters too strictly themselves !

Given a good grip on institutional levers, it is unfortunately easy to attempt to diminish the secular principles and to intentionally sow discord, for example by pursuing a reductio ad absurdum logic, which studiously betrays the very republican principles one pretends to defend. But these attempts should be quickly and unceremoniously denounced and condemned. These kind of manipulations are not new. They are derived from the techniques of domination traditionally used by all dominant casts who are always studying ways and means to divide their actual and potential opposition. These casts are also known to try their hands at the artificial creation of fake opposition groups destined to operate as so-called '' militant nihilists '' who can be manipulated and discredited at will by the dominant '' elites '' and their mass-media. These are techniques akin to those conceptualized and mystified by Derrida with his '' deconstruction '' pseudo-concept, even though he very well knew that he was not inventing the world by proposing it. ( Resting our case on documented facts, we notably think here of the pathetic and intriguing Alain Bauer, the ex-Grand Master of the Masonic lodge Grand Orient de France, and of his ilks, and the ( unfinished ) strategy they deployed over the question of the veil, a question sold as pertaining to secularity and to all religious symbols but, interestingly, only within public schools, the only ones now largely attended by students of Muslim background ! In other words, the real issue, the one never openly discussed by these pathetic Zionist masons, concerns the legitimate place in French society of the shamefully under-represented community of Muslim background when we all know that this community represents some 5 to 6 million persons as compared to only 300 000 plus French Jews. The later happen to be grossly over-represented in many leading positions in France ( even inside the present French Communist Party ) as everywhere else in the West, despite all the constitutional provisions dealing with equality. Suffice it to say that Mr. Stasi did not hesitate to obsequiously state in Le Monde that he shared the same idea of secularity than Wojtyla. In doing so, he could not have ignored that he was lending a hand to these people as they busily tried, fortunately without complete success so far, to write into the existing French republican law a fraudulent and anti-constitutional definition of '' laicité '', which, in effect, amounts to the introduction of '' multiconfessionality '' since it consciously omits to mention the equal dignity of non-religious thoughts ( It should be underlined here that science implies a non-religious method by definition ). This un-republican ploy naturally meant the redimensioning of freedom of opinion and of conscience. Above all it constituted a frontal attack on the sovereignty of the people, the only form of sovereignty envisaged by the Republic. The fact is that these masons and their friends suddenly fancied themselves to be powerful enough to go against my own earlier warnings, such as they are laid out in my article '' Le lit du néo-facisme '' and its '' Annexe '' ( they did this though without ever referring to these sources, a typical Nietzschean intellectual dishonesty which characterizes them so neatly as well as many others like them ). The historical truth is that my texts were received by these people as a challenge against which they tried to mount a counter-offensive by trying to convince French citizens that '' secularity is an ideology like any other '' ( ! ) simply because this most important and fundamental republican principle now constitutes the main obstacle to their willingness to engineer a philo-Semite Nietzschean regression compatible with the rebuilding of their temple. They further derived from this the '' painful awareness '' that their earlier intellectual manipulations had all of a sudden fallen irremediably into pieces. This led them to attempt to develop a fallacious and cowardly concept, a concept which is truly insulting for authentic historical memory, that of an alleged '' anti-Semitism of the Left'' . But, characteristically, they did so while taking great pain never to mention the source of their fear since these people are always instinctively readier to confront themselves with the shadow of the angels than with the angels themselves. They simply forget that no single law can ever hope to erase the hard-won republica heritage and its egalitarian spirit without grave consequences. The illusion of supreme power when it is directed against the people is, as we well know, a lunacy worthy of '' pitres'' . The illusion that one can cover opposing but scientific concepts and theories under a thick mantle of silence is of course not a form of '' Stalinism '' : It is far worse for Mankind because it is a clear form of Nietzscheism, and in this instance a philo-Semite one, that is to say a form of the very same deleterious ideology which led to the publishing of the '' oeuvres '' expounded by Ezra Pound, surely a '' great '' writer well in advance of his own times, or those of many Oriana Fallaci. The very names of these '' authors '' dispense us from more comments, except perhaps for the ethical obligation to mention, along these subaltern archetypal references, the many well known '' pitres '' lavishly praised by the media and sold with as much zeal as many other mass consumer products. Who can ignore the destiny reserved in the past, and no doubt in the future, by true democrats to this Nietzschean pseudo-political theory and its variants ? You will have noted in passing that all this militates in favor of the urgent abolition of all Freemason lodges or, at the very least, their legally binding acceptance of democratic transparency rules so as to undercut the nefarious social and political influence exercised by these non-elected sects bent on cultivating secrecy and the most un-acknowledgeable beliefs, in the vain hope to control historical events and human minds, and to influence the democratic decision-making processes above the heads of unsuspecting citizens and of their legitimate democratic organizations.

Is it really necessary to sound the alarm bell and to remain acutely aware of the dangerous and devastating mixture of mass-unemployment and exclusivist arrogance ? We are forced to recognize that the main proponents of the multiconfessional deconstruction of the secularity principle are at the same time the most vehement mouthpieces of global neoliberalism in its most brutal forms. They have become the most dedicated advocates of the reintroduction of modern forms of slavery and new forms of domesticity, thanks to the forced '' precarization '' of a segmented labor force pushed to its fullest extent. Evidently, they also think that when pushed to such a degree of pauperization and economic and psychological vulnerability, this new majoritarian labor force will lose all will to resist either corporatively or through their trade unions and political organizations. They believe that it would then be possible to reduce the whole labor force to a state of total dependency on their daily distribution of bread and circuses to such an extend that the opium dispensed by their temples will easily do the rest : At that point, the lackeys are supposed to adore their masters as much as they are supposed to ignore Swift's '' Instruction to the domestics'' , to say nothing of the classics such as Paine, Marx, the Bolsheviks and the Maoists ! At that pace, the hoped-for '' tomorrows '' have the potential to be very disappointing indeed. Each one of us should therefore assume his/her own responsibility. It is the only way to avoid that in the future some people will again come back to tell us their usual stories, with the same pointed and studious praises for renown and worthy '' maîtres à penser'' , the conveniently borrowed '' mentors '' such as Nietzsche and Heidegger, together with the real '' awakened '' but masked sources they share in common. Some '' 'battles of ideas '' should be conceived as the last of the kind or else they do not deserve to be launched.

Today the secularity principle is subjected to all kind of meddling in Europe. Particularly from Wojtyla's and Brzesinski's Poland and some groups in Italy, even though practicing Catholics do constitute a very minute ( around 5 % and less ) minority since they insist on living their own spirituality with the utmost respect for their own republican and democratic freedom. The undue meddling of Jewish organizations sheepishly following the line dictated by the Israeli government of day is by now painfully obvious. In order to cut short these unacceptable religious interferences in European politics, the EU has a duty to remind every one concerned some important and simple truths :

1.        The official institution of the EU and its member States will not recognize the existence of any pressure group which does not practice the most transparent internal democracy. This should particularly be true when they nevertheless pretend to pose as legitimate representatives of the power-that-be within their respective community, if not within their State of origin or even within their State of adoption, thus blurring the important and sufficient mission devolved to ordinary diplomatic representations. For instance, the World Jewish Congress and its various national branches, especially when they back the Bronfmans, Black or other such people in their support for war criminal Sharon. This is equally true of B'nai B'rith and the Wisenthal Center. In fact, both should now concentrate their best energy on the denunciation of Nietzschean complicity, which characterized many traditional leaders of their own community during the rise of fascism and Nazism, if only to vaccinate themselves against the remake of these old errors in the form of the present neo-templar preventive and imperial wars. In fact, this is an urgent obligation if they truly pretend to serve the Memory of the Shoah, despite the fact that a selective Shoah, cut off from the common history of the Resistance and of the Deportation, remains but another pathetic exclusivist illusion, at best. Who does still remember the '' Roms'' , a persecuted group only guilty to be born '' Roms '' and doubly guilty, no doubt, of never having tried to impose their own peculiar brand of exclusivism on anyone else ? They are the same people that the epigones of an easy anti-anti-Semitism do not hesitate to ship out of '' their '' country without too much ado for such trivialities. It should perhaps be noted that these '' Roms '' from all origins are deeply attached to a '' nomadic culture '' and as such do testify in favor of a future egalitarian internationalism in a world still dominated by national and supra-national mediations. They should therefore be apprised at their real value as a group and we should all be grateful for their mere existence and for the contribution of the best of their own cultures to our common huma heritage. Who can still remember about their '' industrial '' and '' systematic '' mass-elimination as an '' inferior race '' ? Similarly, who does still remember about the identical method of elimination, for similar reasons, of the homosexuals and of the citizens suffering from mental sickness ? Does '' number '' by itself determine the concept when this is deemed profitable ? Who can still remember the policy of slavery and extermination as well as the Mengelerian experimentations conducted against the Korean and Chinese peoples, who where thrown into the same '' inferior races '' categories during this same epoch, despite their brilliant historical achievements ? Who can still remember the conditions imposed on the people of Central Europe characterized by the Nazis as '' inferior people '' ? Who can forget the purely capitalist and instantaneous annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki accomplished in cold blood by the USA, while the Japanese government was trying to negotiate its surrender, a great crime against humanity accomplished for the sole reason that the Red Army was advancing rapidly and had already reached the Korean Peninsula ? How could we forget to mention the slow but stubborn '' slave trade '' imposed to Africa ? This implied the reduction of a part of Humanity to an infra-human status and the cautious and systemic selection and sale of its labor power according to very '' objective '' merchant criteria. It also meant their scientifically planned transportation in specially conceived slave boats by socially honored slave traders who did not despise their own '' Schindler lists'' , these last beautiful reasons not to abolish slavery ! You may recall that this was a dehumanizing and expert trade which was quickly '' explained '' and '' justified '' by reference to the Bible by its original inventors, as well as by the late Apartheid advocates of South Africa, a clique strongly backed by the Mossad and pre-Sharon Israel, simply because their precious help was needed to develop a nuclear arsenal. All of them display the same laughable but tragic tendency to claim some unsustainable Judeo-Christian '' origin '' for Europe as well as an alleged superiority of the '' White man '' supposedly ( pace Cheikh Anta Diop ! ) originating with the '' elected race of Abel'' . To paraphrase an old saying : '' The road to Jerusalem is paved with crimes'' , and this is true even when it follows the precipitous move to Spain and Portugal by a group of Templars who had escaped the vengeance of the legitimate political power in their countries of origin ! The failure to recall this non-selective history masks the philo-Semite, venal and blind willingness to falsify history, and in reality, to put the Jewish people once again in danger. The legal existence of the State of Israel today necessarily implies the secularization and democratization of the old Diaspora structures : The refusal to accept this evidence is tantamount to accepting the complete subjection of these instances to the whim of the various Israeli governments that already benefit, via the Mossad, from its access to Echelon and other similar intelligence services not excluding international police institutions such as Interpol. Let us beware that under some circumstances, the incantatory denunciation of the troubled waters surrounding the Sion Protocols might quickly loose its historical persuasion. Speaking of a '' Jewish plot '' will, in such circumstances, become a '' Lapalissade'' , especially when the international '' leaders '' of many Jewish organizations will sheepishly refuse to take their distances from the openly illegal, colonialist and racist policies conducted or supported by the Israeli government of the day. In fact, the most '' clever '' will no doubt have an easy time by simply pointing at the coordination of the leading circles of Jewish organizations originating from the various Israeli embassies or, more directly still, from the Mossad and the others secret services. Some journalists in many important national newspapers and media already write from prepared notes transferred to them and, while this state of affair is not ignored by their colleagues and more importantly by their editorial chiefs, none of them would dare proffer the smallest comment on this patently unprofessional practice. As is often the case, the propagators of Nietzschean fear and ideology are themselves the first Orwellian victims of their own laborious plots. The most profound meaning of the Resistance, and consequently of the Deportation, is that democracy does not recognize any undue privileges to no one and makes no exception : The protection of law is the same for us all.

Too often, for the Zionists of all stripes and provenance, especially Jews, the unsubstantiated accusation of '' anti-Semitism '' constitutes a sort of modern version of the arbitrary '' arrest warrant '' ( the old '' lettre de cachet '' ) which is destined to intimidate, to reduce to silence and consequently to exclude all legitimate critiques of Right-wing Zionism as well as of the putative American-Zionist empire, which is now trying to deploy its wings. If unchecked this political trend has the ambition to become a new Philo-Semite Nietzschean Inquisition. The EU and its member States should therefore exercise a great vigilance as it implements the laws against racism. It should do so in a way calculated to insure their total impartiality. In particular, all professionals, particularly professors, lawyers or doctors who would disseminate concepts such as '' humanitarian ( imperial ) ingérence '' in contradiction with the UN Charter, or multiconfessionality ( which is opposed to the secular separation of Church and State and as such antithetical to the '' sovereignty of the people '' ), or, worse still, concepts such as ethnic '' separation '' and '' walls of security'' ( which are patently destined to mask a brutal colonial, theocratic, exclusivist and racist expropriation policy ), as well as all those persons who deem legitimate to unilaterally reinterpret international laws according to their own philo-Semite Nietzschean ideology, all these people should necessarily be subject to the same disciplinary measures, and eventual exclusion, as those people who disseminate antisemitic and racist ideas in whatever shape or form. There is simply no other solution which can be deemed democratically and humanly acceptable. All people concerned should imperatively be reminded of the meaning of '' academic freedom '' : This democratic conquest was never meant to authorize anyone to fancy him/herself as an '' awakened nihilist '' at least in the exercise of his/her own academic functions. ( Freedom of opinion and of expression remains sacred although they certainly would demand a more egalitarian distribution of the material means necessary to effectively exercise it. ) Academic freedom amounts to the greatest degree of scientific freedom. As such it is the exact opposite of unsubstantiated opinion and subjective manipulation of young and old learning minds. The special protections it affords are mainly justified by the objective necessity inherent in the degree of freedom necessary to conduct scientific research, without ever failing to mention one's own ideological presuppositions, one's own theoretical and conceptual silences ( i.e. perceived but yet unresolved contradictions ) as well as one's own hypotheses and, above all, without ever failing to expose the facts and scientific proves marshaled in defense of the arguments that are put forward. This way of doing, the scientific '' method '' and ethos themselves, is strictly necessary to allow the disinterested, respectful and yet conceptually rigorous and serene review by one's academic peers, which is necessary for the advancement of human knowledge. The scrupulous respect of these unanimously accepted methodological and deontological rules alone justifies the extraordinary liberty, which every free and egalitarian society choses to extend to its academic members in order to guarantee its own democratic nature, independently of any transient government. Priests and clergymen, by definition are not scientists at least with respect to their own '' faith'' , nor can they be considered as such to rank among academics. Today, too many professionals, especially those who openly proclaim to be Right-wing Zionists, have put themselves at the service of an ideology, which has no objective and legal status and which, furthermore, has nothing to do with the profession they claim to exercise, a profession from which they often usurp the aura of '' authority '' and moral rectitude associated to it. This becomes totally intolerable. It constitutes, in effect, a frontal insult to civilization and demo-cracy, each time such unobjective and scientifically unscrupulous theories are expounded by people who occupy ( often in too great numbers ) important university posts and teaching positions in various Grandes Ecoles and Universities of which they knowingly contradict the republican mandate, the humanist heritage and the scientific spirit. Conversely, the substantiated denunciation of all forms of racism, especially Right-wing Zionism, is a moral and political duty for every citizen worthy of the name. '' Never again '' : And therefore never again any complacency towards any anti-demo-cratic form of exclusivism, whatever its origin.

2.        The EU should immediately proclaim its official recognition of the State of Palestine over all the territories concerned by UN Resolutions 242 and 338. It should forcefully remind all people concerned that after the signature of the '' Geneva Accord'' , an accord which indeed deserves to be hailed with warmth and respect, the duplicity and the shadowy calculus of the present Israeli government do in fact constitute the sole known obstacle to peace and security in the whole region. ( Let us note here that extending an invitation to a '' pitre '' like Bernard-Henri Lévy during the Geneva ceremony leading to the public signature of the '' Geneva Accord '' does reveal a bad class alliance, a bad communication strategy and obviously represents an insult for all those who had proposed the original idea while taking the considerable professional and material risk of being labeled '' anti-Semitic '' in so doing by the likes of Nethanyau, a personage who does not dare talk about the brown shirt worn by his father or by many other people of this '' intellectual '' ancestry. This invitation can only be a very bad omen as it reinforces the '' awakened '' idea according to which this unofficial accord would only represent an encouragement for the '' road map '' previously eviscerated by Sharon and his American friends with the unilateral and un-negotiated '' 14 reverses'' , an ludicrous annexe which is both in bad faith and strictly illegal. What needs to be said loudly is that this '' Geneva Accord '' had brought to its logical conclusion a worthy process of negotiation started at Camp David II and continued at Taba. As all moderately informed persons should know, the negotiations were sabotaged by Barak when he tired in extremis to come back over the question of the Temple ( Clinton did the same and was asked by President Arafat what historical and archaeological evidences he had for the existence of the Solomon temple since, as we all know, none do in fact exist, at least up to this day. ) This last ditch demand was calculated in advance by Barak and we know now that he was only too happy about the parallel murderous manipulations of Sharon ( Barak's police knew of Sharon's crowded and provocatory march on Haram al-Sharif and yet the Israeli police never received any order to interfere with the murderous provocation carried out in the most tense context imaginable. ) The '' Geneva Accord '' is the irrefutable and objective proof that Right-wing Zionism is the unique obstacle to peace in the region and constitutes presently the worst contemporary danger for world peace ( There obviously is no other obstacle, at least as far as the Palestinians are concerned ). With or without the help of the rabbis, this evidence, painful as it is, should urgently be meditated by the numerous leaders of the Jewish Congresses all over the world, who shamefully support the preventive wars launched by the American Right-wing Zionists. This doubtful person is equally famous for his mania to auto-confer to himself mediatic missions always in tune with the ideals and bombardments of Nato, especially when a great majority of the European elites and populations are initially opposed to them. It was the case in Kosovo where he was naturally on the side of al-Qaida and the CIA who were actively helping Izetbegovic and later Madeleine Albright ( not a surprising behavior given his earlier anticommunist involvement in Afghanistan ! ) He even received a decoration from Izetbegovic together with his fellow '' humanitarian fighter '' B. Kouchner, a personage who never hesitated to show himself with the terrorist Thaci, and who thus bear on his conscience the responsibility for the deportation of many hundreds thousand Serbs from Kosovo when this Serb province was placed by the UN under his watch. You might recall that not too far ago this pathetic personage was, of his own will, accomplishing missions for the benefits of what is now known as Afghan '' blowbacks'' , the very same crews that were trained by the Pakistani intelligence services and the CIA when these anti-communist '' nihilist militants '' were useful to fight the Soviet Union. Now the same Lévy would pretend that the West takes on Pakistan, which his masters consider as a '' terrorist cove '', simply because Pakistan is, so far, the sole Muslim country possessing the nuclear bomb and the means to deliver it. It is clear too that he conceives of his agitated hyperactivity as a '' personal mission '' due to his status as a '' media star '' ( and perhaps to his '' birth '' as a '' Jew '' given the ludicrous ineptitudes he pompously lavishes on the belated religious fancies of a Benny Lévy, alias '' Victor'' , who had managed to gain access to the personal papers of an aging Jean-Paul Sartre despite Simon de Beauvoir outspoken disgust, in the same way that Ralph Schoenma had managed to gain access to Bertrand Russell's papers when he had become a force to be reckoned with in the World Peace Movement. ). Evidently, his '' agitation '' is carried it out with a propaganda method developed many years ago. For some worthy causes, certain individuals are definitively not commendable : One would have served the parties involved in the '' Geneva Accord '' and the general public much better by inviting to Geneva other individuals, for instance Mr. José Bové. At least, the no-global, '' peasant '' leader has had the courage in the past to say a few words for the defense of helpless Palestinian peasants and their olive trees ! Who exactly in a contemporary historical juncture too prone to easily confuse anti-Semitism and anti Right-wing Zionism, can ignore the obvious fact that if you start from the ideological and ethnic prejudices of a Bernard-Henri Lévy and friends, you can never hope to conceptualize the fundamental elements of international law, ethics and history which are intrinsically needed to conceive the theoretical and political bases underlying such an accord ?

3.        The EU should decree the immediate suspension of all financial, economic, commercial and military help to the State of Israel. This suspension would be revoked the very same day the State of Israel would have recognized the full sovereignty and independence of the Palestinian State in accordance with UN Resolutions 242 and 338. The none too ingenious joke concerning a bi-national State should be rejected with an appropriate slight of hand and with indignation and scorn unless the police, the secret services and the army of this bi-national State be led by the Palestinians for the next 50 years, in preparation of an equitable bi-national leadership afterward.

Needless to say, there is nothing extraordinary in these three fundamental points. They naturally follow from the obligations of the EU and of all its member States as official members of existing international organizations and conventions.

To reestablish the facts against the new Right-wing Zionist obscurantism concerning the alleged '' roots '' of European and Western civilization.

No one can ignore the ludicrous Zionist opinion according to which Marx is a convinced anti-Semite, in fact one of the most dangerous of them all since he is less willing to contemplate any intellectual and ethical compromises : Why would anyone pretend to speak of alleged '' roots '' or '' origins '' either Jewish or Judeo-Christian ( to use this composite terminological bag which obviously is intended to mean '' Jewish '' tout court ) ?

It might be a painful surprise to some people, yet the history of priests and of other religious '' elite '' is not reconcilable with the history of the various peoples despite the illusions spread by the dominant elites who cultivate the sophisticated art of draping themselves in the flag of the people in order to deceive the people. These are the very same elites who hold tightly to their beliefs that rattles and talismans are in fact what truly moves Man. The first sort of priestly and institutional history aims to legitimate a logic of domination and submission thus usurping, for the benefit of specific casts, the duties which should necessary befall individual consciences. On the contrary, the second aims at the restoration of the duties of individual consciences through an institutional regime guaranteeing the equality and freedom of each individual ( that is to say a strictly secular regime. ) Today, the Israeli people and more widely the '' Jewish '' people ( whatever the definition you choose to use for this word ) suffers from a '' return '' to very archaic mental and cultural structures, more often than not deprived from any connection with scientifically proven facts and even less with any compatibility with universally accepted international laws. These regressive conceptions are without equal in history except for those imposed by the most reactionary elements of the counter-Reform movement. This can be explained by many factors, chief among those being the manipulation and auto-manipulation of the '' Shoah '' and the blasphemous will to reconstruct the Temple. If the invention of printing and the publication of the bible in vernacular languages deeply influenced the history of Europe and led it in paradoxical directions ( Luther, Müntzer etc ), the '' return '' to Hebrew as the official language of Israel was not without consequences itself : Allied with the mystical brand specific to Zionism, this return to a dead language seems to have send a great majority of the Israeli and Diaspora Jews back to a mentally archaic period preceding the Enlightenment Revolution, thus totally occulting the contribution made by Diaspora Jews to the general movement of Human emancipation. There was a time when the knowledge of '' dead '' languages served to vivify the human spirit through a process known as '' conceptual decentration '' ( Piaget's UNESCO report ). This can be verified in the famous Rabelaisian letter wrote by Gargantua to his son Pantagruel, which deservedly remains one of the most beautiful pages of the Second Renaissance. Today the return to Hebrew, accomplished in the increasing absence of secularity, is becoming a mental jail, a vehicle for obscurantism and literal fanaticism, one which can always be rekindled by the discovery of the most minute ancient rolls by a couple of misguided goats. The fellow nationals of Aba Eban will probably end up speaking like Kissinger : A predictable fate perhaps, but not one to celebrate since it would undeniably fall into the compass of the International Criminal Court ! What is worse, in the sense that it intolerably and willingly flirts with catastrophe, is that this Right-wing Zionist Counter-Reform is now militarily attacking secular States everywhere and advocating the institution of protectorates over their people in a vain hope to establish a new Nietzschean theocratic empire. It thus chooses its camp on the side of the enemy of general Human emancipation and, as such, inevitably signs its own fate. If we refused to condone the Apartheid of the White minority in South Africa in the past, it certainly is not to tolerate years later a Right-wing Jewish and Israeli Apartheid, especially after the genocidal massacres such as were committed in Jenin or Rafah as well as the long series of war crimes perpetrated daily in the Occupied territories.

There are two ways to write about such matters. The first adopts a positive slant and underlines the history of the people and their contributions, their tenacity when confronted with exploitation and servitude. The Jewish people of the Diaspora, contrary to its religious elites can then pose as a symbol of persecution, dehumanization and exploitation, in the same way as the Black slaves who, in their times, were deemed necessary by merchant capital for the sustainment of the lucrative triangular trade. The second way necessarily adopts a negative mode and consists in a straightforward denunciation of the guilty dreams of absolute domination over all people, be it one's own nation or foreigners, entertained by the dominant classes. Naturally, the latter will always try to argue in favor of a fallacious theory which presents their own interests, that of their '' servi in camera '' and that of the people as '' coincidental'' . This creates a false sense of '' ethnic identity '' which pretends to muzzle all critics against the dominant groups in the '' general interest'' . In reality, the first and second ways are derived from the same logic and the same historical method. This is precisely why Marx insisted in saying that history is always the history of the '' class struggle'' . Similarly, but with a satirical twist, Jacques Prevert ( in Paroles ) sang : Louis I, Louis II, Louis III ... Louis XVI, what is this goddamn family who cannot even count up to twenty ? The tone and the angle of attack is itself a battlefield of the class struggle ( witness Hegel and Sorel elaborating on the usefulness of '' diremptions'' , although naturally the first theoretician was more systematic and pertinent than the second. ) Often historical circumstances leave us with no choice unless one is willing to contemplate the betrayal of one's own inner being and his own class too. I dream of such a time when this type of warnings would have become unthinkable because of the level reached by human consciousness in its realization of the intrinsic equality of all members of Mankind, independently of their gender, their ethnic origin or their destiny ( and life chances ). This dream should already have become reality because of the contribution of the Resistance against Fascism and Nazism. Yet, it is now questioned by neo-templars and war criminals who never shy away from the abuse of Ig-noble Lies such as Sharon, Wolfowitz, Perle, Rumsfeld, Bush and their ilks, to whom are added the fanatical lunatics and truly racist types, such as Obadiah Yossef and numerous rabbis and other proponents of the Temple Institute, be they Jews or not. Intellectual luxury, then, is better left for tomorrow. For now what is needed is a democratic and moral duty, an authentic show of respect for historical Memory, one that would not serve as a pretext to pass the hat or as a pretext for a return to the superstitious rituals of the dominant casts of yesteryears.

What follows is the fruit of a long reflection. It is not intended as a formal lecture, but instead as a reasoned and documented invitation to initiate a critique, that is to say the free examination of the subject by free and responsible consciences. It is equally meant in part as the passing of a heritage of freedom and equality. It certainly constitutes an accusation and an implacable intellectual challenge to all the obscurantist forces with particular emphasis for those which think of themselves as '' awakened '' and who nevertheless advocate class inequality. Each of us should assume his/her own responsibility, in particular those who have vainly come to think that they can exclude with total impunity the very theoreticians who could shred them to pieces both intellectually, morally and politically.

The human roots of Adam.

It therefore remains to dissipate the misinformation pertaining to the alleged question of the '' Judeo-Christian '' '' roots '' or '' origins '' of Europe, an active nexus of true obscurantism if there ever was one. This question amounts simply to an intellectual crime committed with calculated premeditation. To use Georges Brassens lapidary phrase, '' we are supposed to plebiscite the '' native land '' to the point of squinting '' and, what is more, to do so at a time when we have just discovered with great wonder the existence of '' mother Lucy '' under the melodious African skies ! This is happening at the very time when the inventors of these fraudulent '' Judeo-Christian roots '' of Europe are seriously militating, arms in hands, for the establishment of an officially '' Jewish State'' , a State openly based on race, theocracy, and colonialism over all Palestinian territories ! These roots are as authentic as the Ossuary of '' brother James, brother of who knows who '' proposed by the likes of doctor Shanks born by this poor Earth. In reality, this is only a very crude and ridiculously archaic usurpation of symbolic power at the expense of the objective European past, present and future. It is but the raw expression of a criminal exclusivism deprived of the thinnest thread of evidence, which means that all Europeans citizens should quickly send the ideologues who propagate these dangerous fancies back to their books and unfinished education, be they Jews, or Catholics having their entries in the Polish Vatican. Anglo-Saxons call this sort of behavior a '' power trip'' . It is holding sway precisely at the time Israel, with the active help of all Christian, Jewish ( and even Arab ) Zionists, most of all in the USA, are planning the military expropriation of Palestine and the beginning of a series of '' preventive wars '' aiming for the establishment of a messianic and theocratic '' universal '' empire, based on the deeply held beliefs in divinely elected race and groups. In other words, a set of antiquated beliefs based on the '' return '' of the most obscure barbarism.

The small peas of Mendel's early genetic experimentations, together with the contributions of Schoelcher, Marx, Lévi-Strauss and many others, have taught us the inanity of all concepts of '' race'' , the genetic baggage of Man being fortunately of mix-blood, if only for reason having to do with the survival of the species. To speak of specific '' roots '' in this context is but a dangerous scientific fallacy, a over-sized pretension which, in the end, only serves to occult possible important contributions in other respects. It will perhaps be replied that no one intends the affirmation of the existence of specific roots quite in this manner. Are we absolutely sure ? The trouble involved in recalling these factual evidences could have been spared to us if only we were living in a more rational and non-regressive context. Nevertheless, those who force us to lay them down in unambiguous words are known to openly believe that the biblical genesis is a revealed divine text, one which, notwithstanding Darwin and all the modern sciences, would confer a genealogical precedence and consequently a divine property right over Eretz Israel to the Jews. Mesopotamian and Pharaonic policy over their threatened march lands are all but forgotten. Always true to form, obscurantism likes to live in its dreamlands, patiently cultivating its mythology and its vacuous cult of secrecy. But there cannot be any discussion nor disputation without a minimum intellectual honesty and public transparency. For without impartial examination of contenting ideas what would remain but the resolution of conflict by brute force ? This would be a manner of envisaging things which might turn out to be more biblical than Nietzschean since the '' last '' being unceremoniously pushed in their last entrenchments would invariably begin to conceive of themselves as the '' first '' in a traditional sense, or at least as '' equals'' , and act with the utmost determination on this liberating belief. Who can pretend to ignore the genetic '' research '' conducted in many places and even in Africa by '' scientists '' paid with public funds who have given themselves as their main objective the questionable task to retrace backwards the genealogical tree of the extinct alleged great priests of Israel as a prelude for the reconstruction of the temple of Solomon, even though there isn't a thread of solid evidence testifying for its historical existence ? As we know it would be sacrilegious for anyone other than the descendants of the original priests to walk on the unknown location of the Holy of Holies of the imaginary temple. Faith, they say, moves mountains. Blind faith surely affects some weak minds, as we can see. Of course, these investigations per se do not amount to a classical form of '' eugenics '' : Indeed, they are best understood as an extra-ordinary perversion, a lunatic drifting which Europe cannot minimally encourage.

The simple truth is that there are no Semitic '' roots '' to Europe from the standpoint of biological precedence. These sort of theories are plain scientific, historical and moral nonsense. On its basis no scientific investigation dealing with the genetic Human pool, human migrations and so on and so forth could never be conducted since the '' essential'' , namely the alleged divine revelation and action, would be presumed in advance. As a matter of history and fact, it should be recognized that the Semite ( both Jewish and Arabic ) genetic contribution to Europe is statistically indifferent, at least for the long series of Centuries which can be historically and scientifically ascertained. The use of Charles Martel made by some might be deplored, as well as the defeat of the Ottoman empire under the Vienna Walls, but that does not affect their reality as historical events. At the same time, none of it implies that this state of affair will perpetuate itself until the end of times, nor even that is would be desirable from a demographic and economic standpoint.

This historical evidence would not be changed even if, against all common sense and scientific reasoning, we would wish to lend credence to the fable of the divine creation of Adam ( we are seriously told by bona fide scientists that clay plates have a beneficial effect on the '' hatching '' and development of bacterial life ! ). Some characters might even wish to prefer this biblical version to the sympathetic version staring Jupiter. They might even prefer it to the scientifically falsifiable and documented work of Darwin or to the '' soup '' of Miller at Berkeley. Yet, we still would be forced to conclude that Europe has no Semitic '' roots'' . The cradle of Semitic people is located geographically more to the East, at least if we look at a Mercator map and put our trust in the contemporary proofs concerning the more or less round shape of Earth ... According to irrefutable historical facts and to the genealogy provided by the bible itself, we can even affirm that Palestine was already inhabited by different Semitic people before the arrival of the Hebrews, while Abraham himself was extracted from a Mesopotamian cradle. It is absolutely incredible that we should be forced to remind to all concerned these simple truths simply because some drifting fractions belonging to Nietzschean Freemason lodges, always flanked by the same sorts of rabbis, have once again embarked on their characteristic '' power trip'' !

Instead of inventing roots for themselves ( or more precisely for us but without our benediction ), these people would do better to denounce the Apartheid Wall which concretely uproots authentic and verifiable Palestinian origins. They would do better to denounce the policy geared toward the preservation of the purity of the race silently carried out through their daily management of the Israeli '' état civil '' ( as well as that of all such documents being now deposited in the recesses of the United States by many countries without the least democratic consultation on the matter. ). Who can fail to see that, after the Holocaust, or more precisely after the Resistance to Nazi-fascism and the Deportation, such policies are simply monstrous ? Yet, it is obvious that they too emanate from this obscurantism of the roots, namely the avowed pretension of all these '' dwarfs of God '' ( '' avortons de Dieu '' ) as well as their self-proclaimed '' elders '' to an exclusivist '' election '' and a Sharonesque '' Judaism'' . It is the same pretension harbored by the fanatics of the Temple Institute, one which expounds a territorial and political conception of Israel which the great majority of '' Jews '' outside Israel would reject with horror if they had not already become the voluntary slaves of a selective conception of the Shoah transformed, according to needs, into a new '' original sin '' or into a passing hat ( who ever thinks of the '' reparations '' due to the families of the million and million of Communists and other people who died standing while fighting against Nazi-Fascism ? ) Indeed, what can be hoped from an ideology which transforms the death of six million individuals into a vector of culpability according to standard Freudian '' science '' duly corrected and amended by the American and Israeli dominated Freudian Chapels. This is done while actively occulting or even denigrating the 27 million Soviets dead as well as the thousands and thousands Partisans who are now openly described by notorious '' pitres '' as the '' last of men '' in Nietzsche's sense, and sometime, by the most dirty ( 4 ) among them hiding behind an usurped Dostoievski, as '' demons '' ? Revisionism and negationism, indeed ! At the very least, the official European instances should immediately demand that all existing monuments and museums presently dedicated to this selective Shoah in Europe be rededicated to the proper and respectful common History of Resistance and Deportation while, at the same time, acknowledging with the most scrupulous respect the legitimate place of the Roms as victims of the Nazi genocidal atrocities, as well as the mentally sick and the homosexuals, all of whom had committed no other crime but to exist. These institutions should equally honor all Resistants and more particularly Communist Resistants who should, in fact, be placed at the forefront of so-called '' just '' men, if this concept is worthy to be something other than a calculated insult to standing humanity. If this cannot be done shortly, then these selective monuments and institutions should be immediately cut off from all public funding. This is because it would then be clear that they constitute an insult to the dead and are used as an intolerable machine intended to foster feelings of guiltiness, as well as being an exclusivist propaganda tool functioning as a vulgar '' marking '' of the territory ( on this behaviorist concept conveniently used here see L'Humanité ). If these monuments are destined to function as secular '' altars '' for the '' Gentiles'' , they obviously lose any meaning. As such, they could never hope to contribute to an authentic transmission of history. On the contrary, they would consciously spun truncated Jewish consciences always ready to demand an explanation and to threaten a day of reckoning to Gentile consciences previously made to feel collectively guilty without good reason, for eternity ! This easily becomes a vicious and endless circle of vacuous pretensions and inevitable backlashes. For its part, a non-amnesic history would underline the crucial importance of classes and would make a point to expose the known role of some '' Jewish '' leaders in the formation and legitimization of original Nietzschean ideology, an ideology which, indeed, they were the only one to conceive as inherently '' philo-Semite'' . It would similarly insist on the role of these same Jewish leaders, particularly the religious leaders of the ghettos, during the long rise of Fascism, a phenomena which they deemed less as an imminent danger than as a way to reassert control over their own community who was increasingly listening to the socialist and Marxists tendencies in its mist. No real respect of Memory can ever be selective by religious or political choice without, at the same time, negating itself. Meanwhile, this selective memory produces grievous cultural and political sequels, including among Jews, as is patently demonstrated today by the overt racism and arrogant colonialism ignorantly displayed by Right-wing Zionists within Israel as well as the world over. All these exlcusivist exhibitions are indecent and dangerous and should be tolerated no more. The day of reckoning has now come for Right-wing Zionism and we should not hesitate to democratically use the democratic force of '' numbers '' ( a concept dear to philo-Semite Nietzscheans ! ) against that of '' Jewish money '' ( to borrow a phrase from some blind people, allegedly '' socialist'' , who conceive of it as a sign of great achievement ! ). Moreover, accountability should be demanded from present Western, Muslim and UN elites who are now powerfully but often silently backing Right-wing Zionist projects at the expense of any respect for international law. Indeed, it seems as if they all have come to share the Nietzschean beliefs to be placed out of the reach of the law and, as a matter of fact, to be beyond good and evil. The cynic attachment to Nietzscheism in the past as well as today is explained by the tortured conscience of these elites who do not ignore that their survival as dominant classes are counted, unless they are able to engineer a return to barbarism. One and only one conclusion can therefore be reached : Instead of being written in the preamble of the EU constitution, these Nietzschean exclusivist pretensions should immediately be made the object of anti-sects proceedings according to existing European laws.

The cultural genesis in its syncretic dimension

and the alleged purity emanating from '' divine '' origin.

What ever the case may be, one thing is absolutely certain : There does not exist a specific cultural Europea heritage solely attributable to Semitic-Jewish roots, which would deserve to be recognized and celebrated as such. In so far as it exists, this contribution is always indirectly filtered by Catholicism ( and later by various sects and currents composing the Christian cluster ). Up until the intellectual and ethical revolution brought about by the Enlightenment, the Jewish cultural-religious heritage was conceived according to the '' dynastic '' lineage invented by the Gospels. For the modern world, the turning point begins with the good, common sense revolution, the '' philosphie du doute '' and the generalization of the experimental scientific spirit later symbolized by the Encyclopédie, a monumental achievement which, for Gramsci, signaled and allowed both the democratic evolution in the power relationships and the revolutionary transitions initiated during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. This is because it marked the definitive and scientific understanding of the fundamental cultural change in the conception of '' sovereignty '' away from the divine, hence away from the irrational, and in favor of the emancipating power of Reason embodied in the free and responsible conscience of all people and human beings. A becoming process which contains within itself a further '' negation '' leading, without any possible permanent return, to the democratic and egalitaria historical overcoming ( '' dépassement) '' vested in the proletariat ( i.e. the great majority of the citizens ). The great French author and singer Barbara warned us against '' those who appear to come to us with friendly opened hands'' . My hope is that no one will fall prey to the well-intentioned primitive thinking embodied in these alleged theocratic '' roots'' !

It goes without saying that the long march of the Enlightenment was tortuous and often painful. ( Let us recall here the innovative studies on '' syncretism '' initiated by the great Communist Haitian theoretician and writer, Jacques Roumain. These studies are valid for religious currents as well as philosophical evolution. ) During the post-Roman era the reawakening of Reason can be seen in the court of Charlemagne and in the cultural contribution of the Irish monks who had been spared the '' barbarous '' waves which had engulfed the Roman Empire. Because the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire was deemed worthy of some sacrifices, this was a revival that naturally went hand in hand with the forced baptism of thousands of surrendered natives people who had to quickly choose between a forced and sanctified bath in a cold river stream or the holy caress of the imperial sword on their neck. Nevertheless, the intellectual and geographic '' décentration '' produced by this '' barbaric '' imperial behavior played a durable and complex dialectical part in the general movement. Then came the First and Second Renaissance which had recovered the Greek and Roma heritage thanks to the powerful contribution of the Arabs from whom Europeans started borrowing notions and products originating with the Arabs themselves or with the Hindus and generally speaking with the rediscovery of the Silk Road, the great intercontinental cultural '' matrices '' of Eurasia and Africa. Just as according to Marx the scientific evolution never is an easy trip on a Royal Road, this march forward of the Enlightenment imposed its light only with a great many difficulties. Its initial efforts and achievements in the post-Roma history were embodied in a precarious tolerance which remains subject to many to relapses such as the Revocation of Edit de Nantes ( a regressive Act curtailing the freedom of religion won earlier by Protestants in France ) and above all to the recurrent '' contra judeos'' , a posture based on a theology that, at best, leaves the foreseen inevitable denouement in the hands of God during the Second Coming ( ordinary men themselves being asked to maintain a strict tolerance until the divine outcome reaches its supreme climax at least according to the excellent but minority thinking of the Calabrian Abbot Joachim of Fiore. ) The '' republic'' , the ultimate form of the State based on the concept of popular sovereignty, which derived from this first '' long march'' , made a duty for itself to recognize, for the first time in history, the proponents of Judaism as fellow citizens in the full sense of the word, precisely because it was simultaneously instituting the strict separation of Church and State. As can be seen, this was a capital achievement which many suicidal '' imbecilic militants '' now desire to erase despite the fact that they pretend having been '' masters '' at some point.

From a cultural standpoint, the Jewish contribution, more precisely the religious rabbinic contribution, is nothing more than a belated and unsuccessful transplant, ceaselessly imposed with the same intolerable exclusivist baseless arrogance and for this reason always rejected as such from inside as well as from outside. Think for instance at the ferocious exclusion of Baruch Spinoza, who was initially destined to become a rabbi, by the religious authorities of his community inside as well as outside tolerant Holland ! The Catholic Index and the Inquisition are only variations of the ordinary deviations spun by every religions or systems of thought foreclosed in a sectarian and irrational way, in other words encaging themselves in an '' exclusivist '' fashion. As we know, the political, cultural and even religious history of Europe does not begin with the unsubstantiated religious and simplistic starting point of the current calendar which, in any case, presents the added defect of occulting the astronomical-religious and social relationships between the celebration of Christmas and the winter solstice. These relationships hark back to meanings and roots which are common to all Humanity, including the '' dwarfs of god'' , their '' elders '' and '' masters'' , as well as the mere mortals living during Neolithic times and their ancestors, simply because astronomical time has the same roots in all the faces of Earth, independently from the longitudes and from the impact of the precessions. All these roots are equally precious and have the same historical dignity, if only one learns to '' read '' them correctly as different steps in the human march towards the general emancipation of Mankind. The Limbos as a concept are antithetical to any version imaginable of historism, and to any scientific conception of history ( including historical materialism ), as is brilliantly shown by G. Vico, despite the carefulness imposed by his epoch on any discussion concerned with such matters. In his '' Scienza Nuova'' , Vico had arrived at the scientific conclusion that he had to relegate God in the domain of Nature, which is always identical to itself, and which He alone seems to be able to understand, while history was seen as an eminently human affair and as such could be scientifically understood by Man who makes it collectively, thus being the True Homer of this specific '' creation'' .

We said it earlier, the present context forces us to clarify a few otherwise obvious things even though we could have been spared the unpleasant trouble in the absence of the rebirth of a warring brand of philo-Semite Niezscheism once again propagandizing a very primitive '' will to power'' . Only, today, this movement wears the rags of the theocratic universal empire in all its monstrous '' singularity '' ( this is a fallacious shifting that would have horrified Bacon but which does not seem to frighten the merchants of the temple and the salespersons of a very peculiar holocaust, venally singularized into a selective '' Shoah'' , and dead set on its exclusivist claims. Allow me to marshal some instances that should suffice to break the deepest and most nourished darkness : The biblical Genesis, as well as the divinatory and astrological mythes together with the numerical symbols attached to it are derived from Mesopotamian antecedents, and beyond this from a Summerian and a Hindu heritage and others sources. These are facts which no scoundrelous destruction of Mesopotamian archaeological treasures will ever be able to destroy. All this militates in favor of a shared '' revelation '' giving way to the myth of the '' divine '' on the one hand and, one the other hand, to a more '' material '' search for '' immortality'' . The first avenue is largely tied to the minority phenomena, but yet one which is equally spread among all people around the globe, namely '' schizophrenia '' ( this is the same phenomena which caused Abraham and many others before and after him to hear voices ) or to '' paraphrenia '' ( a phenomenon which explains the '' revelations '' of the type received by the prophets among whom Mahomet, or by some shamans ), as well as some '' neurosis '' which are more pronounced and less social in character, be they provoked by material artifices or not. The second pertains to the slow accumulation of rationalizations and associated concepts related to time and therefore to life and death, the daily mystery most difficult to comprehend. This early theorizing is naturally related to the astronomical, climatic and agro-productivistes relationships tied to the concept of time and the measure of control it affords. These two approaches give rise to an inextricable mixing of notions that are difficult to sort out for the uncritical and a-materialist mind who tends to gloss over the differences between the search for the immortality of Man on the first hand ( Gilgamesh ) and his will to establish a concrete singular '' lineage '' from the '' divine '' on the second hand ( as is the case with Adam, Abraham, David, Jesus but also Alexander the Great, by way of his mother, who apparently had understood, just like the Queen Anne d'Autriche, that only queens can produce kings ! ) This last belief amounts to the hope of individual '' resurrection '' in one form or another. It is but a idealistic growth ( transposition ) produced by the sexual reproduction of the only species on Earth conscious of its own becoming, in other words a species more or less conscious of its ineluctable collective intellectual lineage, going hand in hand with its individual resurrection ontologically shared thanks to the genetic lottery described with so much human poetry by Albert Jacquard. The role and importance of schizophrenia in this complex processes remain to be fully investigated ( Already in my Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme, I have said why this is so but my analysis, the first of the kind, received no public echoes. This is due to the general ignorance and, above all, to the general silence of plagiarizing intellectual '' tramps '' - '' gueux '' in French, a word derived from Holland's vernacular philological roots. These, hand in hand with their political and military masters, value secrecy in these matters in the vain hope of later being personally able to manipulate what is known thanks to the help of the usual and fake '' Illuminés '' and the pseudo '' awakened nihilists'' , even though, as they should be the first to know, there never did exist any other Light except that shed by the people in their effort to affirm their irrefutable collective and individual human equality. ) That being said, modern astronomy can prove without the slightest shadow of a doubt that the sun does not ever stop its '' revolutions '' at the sound of any trumpets from any invading tribes ! Who does know that the ruins of Jericho send us back to a very distant past, which according to present archaeological proofs, has nothing to do neither with the biblical fables nor with the funding biblical myths that happen to be much more recent ? Another instance can be found in the figure of Moses whose pattern can already be seen in the Akkadian King Sargon. This is the same Moses, a collective figure similar to Vico's Homer or to the '' mille-feuilles '' described by Roland Barthes, or, in its '' liberating '' role, similar to Gramsci's '' historical bloc'' , which caused Ibn Ezra to discover many sedimented stratas related to different historical epochs in the bible, a discovery which later on deeply impressed the young Baruch Spinoza.

Of course, Ibn Ezra was the first biblical archaeologist intent on working scientifically ( and logically ) on the basis of philological and ethico-logical facts. No one should neglect the fact that Ibn Ezra had a profound knowledge of Plato and of Plato's impeccable hermeneutical innovation. This objective and rational approach allowed Plato to unflinchingly submit to his philosophical critical sieve the often unethical and unwise behavior of the tutelary '' gods '' of Greece as described by Hesiod or by the Iliad and the Odyssey. He did the same for the disparate notions on the subject propounded by the other philosophers of his day who were also seeking a way out of the contradictions and implausibilities and who, consequently, did not hesitate to import foreign theories from their numerous and sustained contacts with the Oriental and Occidental regions covered by their empires and their numerous trading and human tentacles. ( Plato's Republic sums up this approach both through its method of differentiating what is ethically Good ( Bien ) and what is merely '' good '' in an utilitarian way ( Bon ) and through his understanding of myths which can emanate from verifiable cultural sources or even from Utopian visions such as that used by Plato as a heuristic device in his Atlantis fable. Plato's outstanding contribution can be appraised at its true value if you compare it to Kant's use of St . Ansleme's proof of the '' existence '' of '' god'' - a '' perfect Being '' given a priori for the excellence of all his attributes - . Plato was more of a scientist and even less religiously minded and dualist than Kant. He had understood the dialectical connection between '' spirituality '' ( Socrates's '' demons '' ) and ethics as well as its connection to the ethico-political '' drama '' played out in the City. His approach applies equally well to the tribe of Greek Gods as well as to all other such tribes any where in the world ( In my opinion, this logical necessity explains the '' mathematical '' relationships which M. Lévi-Strauss searched for with his complex and interrelated structural schemes ). Like St Anselme, pre-scientific Mankind was logically in need of a '' superior '' and more '' powerful'' god in order to make sense of the world just as Descartes, on his convalescent bed, realized that he needed a fixed point to '' make sense '' of his ceiling if he looked at it in abstraction from its corner walls. Plato's unflinching discovery, of course, applies to Abraham's preferred Eloim who later became the '' monotheist '' god of the bible ( and of the Christian Gospels or of the Koran ), but a '' god '' which can never do without his own tribe of angels ( positive or negative ) and Zephirots or without his Messiah. The pseudo-monotheist god of the bible acts as a '' powerful '' god, a divine pater familia whose ethical objectives are per force out of the reach of his subordinates. His archaic ethics is still mainly utilitarian and selective although the biblical prophets testify to the existing and acute philosophical, ethical and political contradictions. In the end, he always remains the tutelary god of a tribe taking his sacrifices much like a Greek god and one who continuously battles rivals from other tribes ( He also remains a shamanic spirit provoking schizophrenia ). Another form of archaic monotheism can be seen earlier with Akkenaton's tentative to reorder Ancient Egyptian creeds according to better astronomical knowledge and to its ties with the Egyptian agricultural society. While Akkenaton's monotheist god is still related to an external symbol for strictly public use, it is more boldly and coherently monotheist than the god of the Hebrews archaic tribes. This necessarily had an impact on the Hebrews. The Koran will later attempt to resolve the obvious contradictions by simply using Mahomet as a way of taking god's direct immanent influence out of the worldly domain and by replacing it solely by his teachings. But Islam paid the same price as all other '' religions '' as soon as the real world displayed the slightest contradiction with these teachings. This inevitably happened even though the Prophet himself, contrary to many of his politically inclined followers, had wisely tried to minimize the risk by limiting god's unquestionable scriptures strictly to the Koran itself and, within the Koran, to a very minimal set of ethical rules of conduct. Nevertheless, all these tentatives neatly display the underlying logic and ethical necessity and its negative and positive pedagogical use for all figurative ages still immersed in a synthetic mode of thought ! Socrates proclaimed that ethical rules apply equally to the divinities as well as to Man. This implied the inherent equality of all humans and the ultimate responsibility of their conscience, a result shared by early Christians. In this way, they therefore both destroyed all pretense to exclusivism and gave to Man the conscience of his own freedom. In the Marxist psychoanalysis which I laid out in my Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme I have shown the importance of the non-figurative teaching of the socio-political and scientific prerequisites of this inherent human freedom for the health of the individual as well as society. )

Plato was an educated Greek and he was furthermore the author of the Cratylus. He therefore knew almost by instinct the value of the simple procedure which consists in '' naming '' things according to a permanent objectivation method that, in his time, was mainly represented by '' writing'' . Writing does free memory from the devastation of its ordinary and necessary '' lacuna '' and as such allows Man to anticipate his liberation from all obscurantism since it exponentially increases the efficiency of critical thought and of human conscience. It increases the objectivation of thought and allows human Mind to scientifically investigate its own cognitive make up and dialectics. Magnetic resonance and other similar modern techniques would not be less efficient modes of reading : But this demands an authentic and disinterested desire to remain scientific and never to depart from the implied honesty. Otherwise, '' writing '' becomes an exclusivist power tool antithetical to science and to human emancipation. For instance, there is a similar need today to vulgarize an evidence, namely the fact that the historical evolution of the predicting and interpreting art of the kabalalist soothsayers followed an identical process of slow accumulation and adaptation over many millennia. In fact, this is the very same adapting process so clearly and painfully evident with the biblical Sibylla in relation to the long astronomical and astrological practices of humanity. ( The biblical Sibylla was sheer propaganda in favor of the temple and against the Roman empire and, then as now, it never showed any fear of plagiarism nor of the fraudulent shifting of meaning. ) This is similarly historically true of the Mesopotamians and of all the people with whom they were in contact, in the East and the West naturally, but also in the South and the North. The biblical Sibylla is interesting because her propaganda clothing are lifted from entirely known and traceable sources ( see the bible edition of La Pléiade from example ). As such,despite its excessive use of a long habit ( noted with sympathy by Nietzsche ! ), it constitutes a most relevant '' case in point '' for the thesis discussed here : In plain parlance, the Sibylla was trying nothing else but to invent some convenient '' Jewish roots '' to the Roman Empire ! ( You might recall from your reading of the Twelve Cesars by Sutonius that Emperor Augustus had caused the destruction of all prophetic texts as an immediate cause of civil strife in Roman society and a further cause for the intellectual debility for its elite. All, that is, except the original Roman Sibylline texts. Hence they naturally became the object of the ideological war at least up to Constantine. ) The prophecies, intoxication and disinformation of these ideological texts and other similar productions in all cultures have the same worth as the practice of Roman priests pretending to read the future in the entrails of chicken, or the Sphinx parables, those of the Pythia, or the oracles pronounced by similar figures extracted from the Hindu pantheon and culture or even those perceptible in what remain of the Popul Wuh and other meso-American prophecies .... The '' ages '' of Saint John and the more prosaic ones adapted by Saint Augustine hark back to the same cultural political process and refer to the same sort of sources. All are related to an identical paraphrenic phenomena, an ambivalent phenomena which is both as fascinating as it is frightful for all those characters who constantly want to forget the essential which, whether you like it or not, remains Socratic/Marxist. It is not without interest to recall that the Torah knows a '' mystical '' kabalist reading, allegedly reserved to those who are more elected than the rest, i.e. this unavoidable group of characters in their usual '' brown boots'' , always trying to pose as '' primus inter pares'' , in this second-hand parody recurrently repeated, and symbolized by Orwell's '' Animal Farm'' . If you were to follow them in their strange folly, you would have to accept that there is a set of rules reserved to the ordinary folks and another set which would be the preserve of the '' masters'' , the same who yesterday were openly dreaming of the '' Overman '' and who now militantly hope for the arrival of a philo-Semite Nietzschean '' post-humanity'' !

As we can see there are no '' Judeo-Christian roots '' : These sorry jokes only aim at the instillation of an intellectual and cultural subordination of Europe in lieu of the establishment of its political independence. From a specific ethical view point, the Old and New Testaments do not differ from the Socratic analysis such as was expounded by Plato in his Republic. Nor is it different from Kant's magnificent Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals, despite Habermas's not too ingenious manipulations. The only difference is that the ancient Greek text is logical and already totally scientific in spirit, whereas the two biblical texts ( and all other similar religious scriptures in any culture, including the Koran ) remain enmeshed in a primitive synthetic thought. From the point of view of cultural and political customs, these biblical texts, like all similar texts, only tell us about the mores and ways of living of society at the time they were written. They thus constitute precious testimonies, in their own right. Nevertheless, no one is entitled to derive from them any irrefutable proof of '' divine election '' pretending to be truer than similar claims made by identical texts or those contained in oral shamanic affirmations. These texts are cultural vehicles. They do play the role of '' funding myths '' which are sometime internalized by the very '' people '' they help to define as such. But this does not confer to them the absolute exclusive validity claimed by doctrinaire and often fanatical '' priests '' of all categories. Indeed, the biblical texts themselves testify abundantly about the very tense relationship between both claims. Not coincidentally, the best Prophets themselves appealed to human conscience instead of calling for a divine intervention.

The most coherent exposers of anti-Semitism and Right-wing Zionism should remember that nothing very stable nor palatable can ever be erected on Nietzschean lies and fabricated myths, be they philo-Semitic or not. Christianism was built on the refutation and the '' dépassement '' of the message present in the Jewish biblical culture that was monopolized by the dominant rabbis and by the temple. Later, this led to an open or rampant anti-Semitism that fluctuated according to the conception of the '' revealed theory '' pertaining to the ineluctable '' conversion '' of some Jews during the Second Coming ( the majority being destined to be destroyed as '' evil'' ! ). This implies quite simply that speaking in the same breath of Judaism and of Christianism while talking about alleged common roots is tantamount to blindness and to '' genetic '' ( i.e. historic ) and cultural imbecility. Or, worse still, it sends us back to the usual Nietzschean tricks and pranks that never had any other aims but to create the conditions for the enslavement of all believers and non-believers alike, first and foremost those related to the religions of the '' book'' , be they sincere or just plain opportunists. Be it as it may, in accordance with Ibn Ezra, Spinoza and, later, Botero and many others we can clearly see the figure of Moses in the evidently anterior Mesopatamia history of Sargon. The Epic of Gilgamesh is anterior to the all the bibles of the rabbis or of the Catholic pope and of all the other popes. No scientific archaeological and historical proof of the existence of the Temple of Solomon exists so far. And yet, for too many people, these evidences do not militate against the rebuilding of this mythical temple of stone openly advocated by some rabid fanatics who are now ready to launch preventive wars of civilization ( read of religion ) to get their way etc, etc ... Putting these undeniable facts together we can only conclude that any talk about the Judeo-Christian roots of Europe is pure lie and amounts to an odious criminal tentative to usurp political power and replace scientific thought by a perverted exclusivist theocratic ideology.

For essentially similar reasons, the Christian aspects of this propagandist vision are not more palatable than the Jewish version. To sum up briefly, the vernacular languages that proved necessary for the national renaissances survived the dominance of Latin. The European and scientific consciousness was formed in a frontal battle against the Vatican and all the other established religions. Indeed, these alleged roots are so tenuous at best that, for a few decades now, a Wojtyla is vainly trying to relaunch a counter-reformist '' evangelization '' of Europe and Poland while forgetting that the true message necessarily escape people like him or his friends in the CIA and the US Establishment ! ( The percentage of people attending church in Poland is now around 4 to 5 % something which does not entitle the Polish representatives to push their silly and obnoxious assault on the separation of the Church and State, unless, that is, the same people who were at the pay of the CIA are now willing to work selectively for the US while fancying themselves to represent '' Young Europe'' . False democratic representation is one of the main contemporary plague of demo-cracy. ) The kabalist mystic is not more solid as a claim to represent some original roots simply because it can be demonstrated to derive from older Indo-European, Mesopotamian and other sources. What can be affirmed with certitude is that modern Europe, as the historic destination of all the intellectual accomplishments of the Mediterranean Basin, was eventually able to draw methodically the inescapable religious and philosophical conclusions, especially those relating to '' libre arbitre '' and did so before any other geographic region. This evolution is summed up by the secularity principle. Other civilizations before had tried to dissolve the religious into the philosophical and the ethical, but in an unstable pre-scientific fashion ( Ancient China for instance ). Ancient Greeks had brilliantly anticipated this secular evolution but paid this intellectual and ethical success with the hemlock. ( For the same reason, they later had to endure the scoundrelous mystifying '' philology '' of Heidegger ! ). The Middle East itself always remained a continental crossroad in perpetual flux. Nevertheless, it is clear that it would be laughable to transform this pure historical accident into an alleged Western superiority based on ontology ( the relationship with the universal ) or on a kind of anteriority such as is adduced by Max Weber ( who was, as we know, a notorious anti-Marxist paraphrenic ). Indeed such a tentative would obviously be based on a vile Eurocentrist fallacy, erasing all debts to others, a conception which in the end would be useless and more importantly false. It would contradict everything we know about cognitive and historical processes. In reality, nothing better that the current ineptitudes proffered today in Europe by the philo-Semite Nietzschean crowds who dare pretend that the secularity principle is '' an ideology like any other'' , proves the permanent need Europe has to remain connected with all huma heritages in order to remain itself, and to remain worthy of its own civilizational achievements. Not surprisingly this is exactly what the most advanced ethnologists, anthropologists and epistemologists such as Vico, Rousseau, Marx, Lévi-Strauss or Piaget have brilliantly said on the basis of data which are now mostly proven scientifically. These evidences can still give rise to various interpretating nuances, but they admit no conceivable refutation. Does not the greatness of an Ernst Block consist in his instinctive ability to encompass a vast horizon and to inscribe the most advanced philosophical and ethical achievements derived from the class struggle among the ancient and modern Hebrews in the common historical march leading to the revelation of the free conscience and of the equality of the entire human species ? Is it not dangerous at the beginning of the Twenty-first century to hear a Catholic Pope and his lackey-in-chief within the Congregation of the Faith, state openly, and without shame or any visible embarrassment, that their own religious beliefs constitute the apex and the perfect ending of all human beliefs; these drollatic mouthpieces do this at a time when the most powerful among them lends credence to '' The Secrets of Fatima '' as interpreted through the last version of childish idiosyncrasy and turned into the essence of divine revelation ( of course destined for personal use !- Yet, some rabbis and some Right-wing thinkers say even worse ineptitudes. And they shamelessly do this while instrumentalizing the Holocaust, which is substituted for the non-selective and true common history of the Resistance and of the Deportation, in the vain hope to transform this catastrophe into a substitute for the '' original sin '' imputed to the entire West and to the Muslim world ! This '' sin '' would then presumably authorize the emergence of new and self-proclaimed '' directors of conscience'' , the same crew which pretend to base their '' singular '' but yet '' universal '' authority on the '' reconstruction '' of an illegitimate and nebulous temple resting on a very shaky mythology. It would be an illegitimate temple because, even in its mythology, its legitimacy rests on the cold-handed murder of the grand priests of the Ancient Hebrews with the sole materialistic intent of legitimizing the institution of a Jewish Kingdom over nomadic Palestine.

In reality, Europe as well as Israel ( and more specifically the people of the Diaspora ) can claim to have made many contributions of varying importance to the formation of the modern conception of '' libre-arbitre '' without which there would be no freedom, no equality and no fraternity among individuals and among peoples. But never any singular '' roots '' or any '' right of birth'' , these historically fallacious and anti-democratic claims par excellence. Therefore there is no reason whatsoever to privilege some contributions more that others, especially in a common constitutional text. Furthermore, since there does not exist any real '' Judeo-Christian culture '' which is monolithic and coherent, it follows that there does not exist any Christian, Catholic or Jewish culture which is monolithic and coherent. Each of these parts share the very same limitations that can be observed in their unstable ideological '' synthesis'' . There never is one and only one narrative, no more than any single people can be comprehended without reference to classes ( see Marx's '' Method'' , a draft which is worth all the other finished texts on the question, as far as I know. ) Only the dominant classes can claim a fake coherence since this constitutes a powerful ideological weapon for their own dominance (ie their pseudo-general interest arrived at through individual egoism.) Even a diagonal reading of the Old Testament reveals the difference between a nomadic and egalitarian culture ( produced by a people meeting from time to time inside a common Gathering Tent ) and a culture produced by the royal usurpation of the temporal and religious power which led to the mythical building of the temple of Solomon following the murders '' necessary '' to allow this bloody usurpation. In the same fashion Henri Guillemin, the great intellectual who displayed a holy horror of what he called '' intellectual saltimbanques'' , had demonstrated the fundamental difference between primitive and egalitarian Christianism and the official Roman Catholic Church vaingloriously draped in the imperial purple. These illustrations can be multiplied at will. However, it would be wrong today to imagine that, if awakened, old wounds would be of no consequences. Think of the opposition between, on the one hand orthodoxes Jews who believe that it would be sacrilegious to walk on the location of the alleged temple for fear of desecrating the unknown location of the Holy of Holies and, on the other hand, the venal conceptions of the proponents of the peculiar temple of '' Authorized flows of communication'' , that is to say, of the Golden Calf manipulated for political purposes. Think also of the aggiornamento initiated by Vatican II, a process left in limbos due to the return at the head of the Catholic Church of the most reactionary factions now closely tied to the CIA and the Opus Dei.

In any case, it is not the proper function of a constitutional Preamble to enumerate religious '' contributions '' and alleged '' roots'' . It is even less so to selectively specify some of them to the detriment of all others. This selection would become a shameful crime against the equal rights of all the believers who place their faith in the same religions, which would have being ignored only because of the weight of the dominant ideological trends within the present cultural environment and because of the present state of scientific advancement used to illuminate the past. Or simply because the selection would have been dictated by pure prejudice, and racism as naturally fed by all adepts of Judeo-Christian exclusivism in Europe. In order to honor them all equally, the Preamble needs to uphold very strictly the Secularity principle, that is to say the strict separation of Church and State. This is the only known manner not to discriminate between religions as well as other non-religious beliefs while simultaneously recognizing that only in this secular framework will they all be able to insure the qualitative transmission of their own knowledge. Only in this framework will they all find it possible to scientifically acknowledge the important contributions which are now too often ignored, first among these the Arab contributions during the First and the Second European Renaissance. If, for one reason or another, it will prove impossible to enshrine the Secularity Principle in the Preamble of the constitution, it would then be much better to ignore the question altogether. This is required by the minimum of respect due to ordinary European citizens, their multiple beliefs and above all their libre arbitre. It is also legally required by the respect due to existing national constitutions. It should be repeated tirelessly that any attack against the Secularity Principle is in fact an mortal attack directed at the heart of democracy whatever its form, namely an assault against the fundamental acknowledgment that '' sovereignty '' is vested with the people only and therefore with free citizens institutionally liberated from any form of intellectual, ideological, religious and political despotism.

All objective persons would agree that real, non fanatical Europe, the Europe which does not pretend to be selectively '' illuminated'' , cannot be comprehended without due reference to the Roman and Greek heritage. This can easily be verified by the emphasis placed by the Romans on objective reasoning and on the public necessity to teach its methods; by the importance given to the law and its systematization, in particular civil law; by the importance given to the organization of the land; and, above all, by the great importance given to the universalism of the human race ( theorized, for example, by the Stoics and by Seneca as Ernst Block nicely remarked ). This syncretic universalism had already been inscribed in the development of the City of Rome and pursued later in the propensity of the conquering city to gradually open the road to '' Roman citizenship '' in an ethnically universal and egalitarian fashion, thus opening the road to the conception of modern democracy. Even Marc Bloch's distinction between the people on the East and West of the Rhine and on the North and South of the Danube would make no sense whatever without this heritage. The universal aspiration of Catholicism follows directly from it, both for its temporal ambitions ( for instance in sending missionaries beyond these great rivers backed by Knights Orders etc ) and for its philosophical universalism ( Seneca's stoicism reformulated in the form of Christian universalism ). Even a Michelet, who knew vico very well, looked for the '' roots '' of his nation in the libertarian spirit of resistance to the domination imposed by the Roman '' Empire'' . This dialectic led him to go beyond the '' official version '' proposed for their sole benefit by the Catholic Church, the monastic orders and the temporal Christian Kingdoms. Michelet or more precisely his mythological children ( Asterix most notably ) could never be imagined without reference to Cesar's Commentaries describing the general's warring expeditions in the Gaules. The same can be verified by the dialectic relationship between the Greeks and the Persians, a process which, via Alexander the Great, led to the synthesis of a universal empire unified under a single '' royal '' power, despite the serious misgivings of Aristotle. The same could be said of the first historical people of Mesopotamia. In fact, the question pertaining to the origin of the Sumerians, to whom all of us owe so much, especially the Semitic peoples, send us back to an extraordinary complex pluridisciplinary question of which we can only foresee some solutions. We could sum them up in the following fashion : Human memory and conscience, because of their mutual interrelationships, flourish with the codification of language. Language constitutes the necessary but not sufficient foundation for the blooming of all the material and cultural acquired characters which form a civilization ( domestication of plants and animals, control of time etc. ) Yet, on the one hand, memory and above all human conscience depend equally on a series of idioms of communication other than language itself. All these idioms are inscribed in its development both as a species depending on sexual reproduction and as a species destined to exercise its libre arbitre since it possesses the conscience of its own conscience and, through it, it can potentially control its material, intellectual and ethical becoming. On the other hand, the transmission of the written heritage was entirely aleatory up until very recent periods. Remember George Sorel's parable describing the hypothetical fall into an inaccessible ravine of the donkey, which carried the biblical rolls during the Exodus. Obviously, the Priests from all stripes would have continued their work just as usual but the hermeneutical and proto-philosophical task of a potential Ibn Ezra would nevertheless have been further complicated by the continued representation of alleged '' roots '', which would have continued in any case as before but with a simple syncretic filling-in of the blanks ! Would any one discover this type of lost rolls near the Dead Sea and presto the struggle around these representations would take, once again, a renewed and acute importance. Meanwhile, every one would happily choose to forget that these '' original '' representations, recently discovered, remain closer to the conclusions of Ernest Renan concerning the Essenes than to the theocratic and political recuperation at the hands of the Zionists of all stripes, which only see in it the dimensions of the temple they already have chosen to rebuild ! As other people have said before me : Beyond the written words and the classical archaeological vestiges, history and science have nothing to do with the ideological recuperation concerning alleged '' roots '' especially since the main stake is now precisely to approach them both synchronically and diachronically. That is to say, the task is to simultaneously take into account the plural historical development of the whole human species, as a species, from its prehistorical time but also going as far back as its biological evolution ( i.e the history of the evolution of cells which is already started as a specialized scientific field in its own right. ) Most probably the Sumerians themselves where coming from the East, the direction from where originated their representation of a Sun, personalized through the common anthropomorphic process; and they must have been connected to other civilizations which had not yet chosen to build with stones and bricks. In his magnificent book La luna e i falo Cesare Pavese poetically describes a fundamental discovery of Man : It consists in discovering a valley beyond the valley where one is born and then many others beyond, which together form the entire Earth. Roots may be deemed essential but taken too selectively they can transform themselves into boots made of concrete and, as such, are not very compatible with the necessary '' décentration '' of mind, understood as a vivifying exit from the ghetto, a departure which alone is capable to transform the singular into an integral part of the universal, or if you prefer of the Whole.

The philosophy of history ( Vico, Herder, Hegel etc. ) born from the secularization operated for the first time in the Christian world by Joachim of Fiore, is very different from the debased theocracy derived from the kabalah ( in its most refined accomplishment, kabalah is represented by the theocratic philo-Semite Nietzschean return to which the developing Zionism of Eastern Europe contributed so much before 1933. ) In fact, the philosophy of history is based on the emancipation of human conscience from the obscurantist domination of all spirits, whatever they may be, and from the domination of an institutionalized '' authority '' which invariable is the vehicle of the first kind of domination. This emancipation constitutes the necessary preliminary of true secularity. Marxism ( historical materialism ) is therefore the sole accomplished possible heir of this general process of emancipation, exactly for the same reason that Feuerbach is fully realized in Marx. This evidence should also dispense us from any belated feudalization to the inveterate and totally useless, and perhaps globally damaging chatter of a Sigmund Freud himself. Similarly, it should reveal the '' sociology of knowledge '' expounded at its best by a Karl Mannheim as the ultimate petit-bourgeois stage leading willy-nilly towards an inevitable conclusion.

For the rest, we all realized that something totally different and more prosaic is at stake here. Namely the contribution of the proletariat from '' Jewish '' origin and its associated classes in all their nuances. Most of them did not recognize themselves in the militant and warring obscurantism of many rabbis. Their real contributions are an integral part of the general history of the European people in its general becoming, and, as such, represent a concrete refutation of clerical obscurantism in general and of Jewish obscurantism in particular. History is indeed the history of the class struggles : The '' laws of providence '' are nothing other than the recurrent concrete resolution of the contradictions born from the material conditions of existence ( including culture ) of the human species and the social groups which compose it. The example of Yiddish of which I talked in my article '' Le lit du néo-fascisme '' and its '' Annexe'' , is an emblematic illustration of this thesis : The Yiddish culture talks to us of a proletariat of the East European countries, which was subjected to the most savage perversions of Nietzscheism that were not altogether unpredictable. Nevertheless, to pretend that this part of the history of the proletariat could be substituted for all the heritages of the proletariat in its entirety is but a sectarian deformation tantamount to that which pretends to transform Adam into the first Man on Earth : These starting points are mythological at best and totally unscientific. The mystifications they produce are dangerous for the proletariat as a whole, in view of the Nietzschean and philo-Semite Nietzschean tentatives to '' return '' '' toward a pre-scientific human reason '' eminently compatible with theocratic and cast societies. Among other things these mystifications fraudulently occult the proletariat's own historical becoming, its ultimate '' salvation'' , if you will.

Human '' intelligence '' today remains emancipated. It is furthermore vested with the duty to preserve its libre arbitre. This is even more so today given that the genetic foundations of its very existence as a species are now at stake. Synthetic, analogical and generally figurative forms of reasoning are certainly in phase with the archaic forms but they are not useful anymore. Such reasoning once supported the conceptions of '' temple'' , of '' divine right'' , of '' chosen race '' and '' totems '' and '' taboos '' from which eventually was derived the passage from symbolic and ritualized sacrifices in lieu of human sacrifices as is witnessed by the parables of Isaac and the Christian '' Eucharistic host'' . These were useful in the past as a method adapted to the teaching of some fundamental values ( values too often mixed with ideologies of class domination ). Today, they truly represent the last obstacle to the development of human emancipation. Following Joachim of Fiore in his evaluation of the meaning of the Crusades and the superficial will to achieve the conquest of the city of Jerusalem, but without departing from Marx, I have underlined an evidence with deserve to be repeated, with or without reference to the source, according to each own level of intellectual probity : Namely, there is no temple other than conscience itself. As for the rest, I believe to have definitively demonstrated in the second part of my Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme that the distance is infinitively short between schizophrenia and '' spirituality '' or '' religion '' understood as intimate '' submission '' of the inner Being of each individual without a reasoned discriminating criteria : In my work the figure of the '' pitre '' ( '' fool '' more than clown ) is not an insult, but a fundamental concept. The term '' marionnette '' ( puppet ), is apparently descriptive, but pejorative. It also conveniently implies that somebody else is pulling the essential ropes while no one is really ever able to spell out exactly who. For its part, the term '' pitre '' has not yet been used in a precise conceptual sense and neatly correspond to the role claimed and to the uncouthed, if grotesquely tragic, illusions entertained by the alleged '' awakened nihilist'' . ( Paradoxically, the exigence of an absolute '' submission '' to a set of fundamental percepts has seemed in the past as the only pre-philosophical mean to avoid the ravages of this same spiritualist blindness : In this same vein, it is worth comparing the initial hermeneutics of Plato with the practical strictures of the Hammurabi code, the Leviticus, the Koran and other similar texts ). In fact, why would anyone wish to insult people of an obvious derisory importance since the insult would then fall back on innocents ? As you can see, something else is at stake, grave and urgent issues. In clear, if it were not for my quiet anti-clericalism and for my epidermic horror for the pretensions of the '' awakened nihilists '' ( especially when s/he claims to be a '' Jew '' ), the term should be understood generally as a fraternal advice doubled by an authoritative, and free of charge, lesson in the critical history of philosophy and political theory !

It should be clear that concerning the problem of the '' roots'' , the only honest thing which can confidently be said is that the conception of the '' Jew '' as a full citizen is directly anchored in the French Revolution and, later, in the democratic and social revolutions to whom she gave birth, both being heirs to the Philosophy of the Enlightenment. As you will easily understand, it is not up to Europe to proclaim this achievement at every corner. This dutiful memory would instead befall squarely on the State of Israel, which now pretends to institute itself as a monstrous communitarian entity based on ethnicity, a '' Jewish State '' ( sic ! ), despite the fact that many '' Israeli Jews '' or '' Jews '' belonging to the Diaspora do not see themselves quite in this same discriminatory fashion. It should be noted that the survival of the State of Israel conceived as the ultimate refuge in the eventuality of a return of antisemitic barbarity would in no way be endangered if it were not for the disastrous consequences derived from this ideology of theocratic identity and expansionism. Indeed, the definitive survival of the State of Israel could only be demographically and politically assured by the definitive recognition of the State of Palestine in the utmost respect of UN Resolutions 242 and 338, this belated and unconditional recognition being the indispensable prelude for the full coexistence and insertion of Israel in the Middle East region.

The permanent complicity of Europe and of the UN in the dossier of Eretz Israel ( i.e the return to a templar imperialism proposing a new apartheid and a smiling return to a cast society ) tends to reduce the options available : Unless there rapidly is a change in attitude, this behavior will mean that only a complete military defeat of this brand of templar and racist Zionist imperialism will free the world from a hideous philo-Semite Nietzschean neo-fascism. The ordinary and permanent members of the UN Security Council should now seriously think of the ways and means to immediately implement these Resolutions 242, 338 and 194. ( Although the implementation of this last Resolution would demand appropriate international measures - for instance, the perception of a modest tax of 1 Cent a barel on the oil sold to and by developed countries in order to help finance the necessary compensations for the non-return in their original homes by some Palestinian refugees. ) Up until now, with the help of bad conscience and political calculus of all sorts, the European '' elites '' have refused to assume their responsibility under international laws each time it concerned their dealings with Israel. They simply seem to be waiting that history implacably imposes its conclusion once again, knowing full well that the present Israeli State runs straight to the abyss. Although less critical in public, some might even be tempted to give it more rope so as to prepare an even more durable conclusion, while absolving themselves in advance for any direct responsibility. The technique is quite known and philo-Semite Nietzscheans have shamelessly used it with much help from the media and from many '' pitres'' , from Central Asia to the Balkans to the Caucasus and up to Pakistan ! In this way, they no doubt also hope to preserve intact their Freemasonic secret fantasies, which are so helpful to implement their class domination ( a domination which is thus organized through an incestuous class selection carefully operated beyond the normally transparent and public circuits required by democracy. ) It is not by following these calculus that one can best take responsibility for his fellow Man, nor pave the way for an authentic accommodation of all the people involved.

In conclusion allow me to express one wish : That all Europeans and all persons of good will everywhere in the world, be they Jews or Gentiles, would, with the strongest conviction, contribute to the definitive eradication of the psychological and ideological '' roots '' of all obscurantism ( particularly exclusivist obscurantism ), of all fanaticism and of all theocratic or secular nefarious will to '' return '' to a cast society. This is because aside from the obvious intellectual '' gueux '' ( English '' rogue'' , in Holland's vernacular '' guit '' ) who are all variously Nietzschean, no one else can ever desire to usurp both the '' message '' and the '' messenger's role'' , the material support and the Verb, nor would anyone else ever dream to artificially recreate the basis for a '' truncated dialectical process '' as a road to power. Finally, I invite you to consider, in all honesty, in your soul and conscience, which racist-free term you would use in order to signal your irrevocable political and ethical condemnation of the ideas proposed by the advocates of all theocratic, cast society or more generally of a society based on the exploitation of Man by Man ? None is really satisfying. In part this is because such terms are always tainted with ethnic and religious overtones. However, the exercise is analytically, semiotically and semiologically illuminating. It demands the deepest ethical clarification. It equally constitutes the best prophylactic measure needed to avoid the usual fate reserved to these truncated dialectics, which are deprived of any clearly elucidated becoming ( pace Aristotle ), the truncated dialectics characterizing the '' Greeks'' and the '' Persians '' of all time, the victims and the henchmen, in short, '' les hosties et les victimaires '' according to Aime Césaire's magnificent phrase. Let us not confuse the issue : Freedom, that is to say the reign of equality, and '' voluntary servitude '' are once again in the balance. The pseudo '' cahier d'un retour au pays natal '' dreamed by the adepts of selective '' roots '' does not in any way push the individual towards the '' universal'' , contrary to the oeuvre of the great French Communist poet descending from the Bambara. On the contrary, it contains the promise of irremediably leading us into these obscure '' Voyages au bout de la nuit'' , all clearly marked by the sign of a pronounced cultural aphasia cultivated as a '' style'' , a fad which has an immense success with the cash register and the box office in these days of selective vigilance exercised in the name of a '' Memory duty '' totally depraved and affected by a strange myopia.

Constantly reexamine your concepts and your theoretical canvas.

When the attention is focused on subjects as sensible as secularity or exclusivism, it is imperative to always keep an open mind and to reassess them episodically from the beginning. The goal is to concede the least inches possible to the reactionary forces, their own goals been very clear. Instead, we must always be careful not to treat the people as the enemy. We must therefore constantly strive to understand any issue from the inside. The exclusivism of Right-wing Jews is an evidence. The real problem is this : Whatever definition you may want to give to the word '' Jew '' and no matter how variable the majority among Jews can become from time to time, according to circumstances, what does explain that this majority has a tendency to trust the members of its own community, be they inveterate exclusivists and proven war criminals ? What form should class struggle and the alliances it supposes then take ? It is impossible to gloss over this question. I do not pretend to answer for all of us : Each person has a duty to think with his/her own head. Yet, I believe that it might be useful here to expose the theoretical presuppositions that necessarily color my own reflection. It is abundantly clear that my conclusion can be subsumed under a double conviction, namely that any brand of exclusivism and the selective and partial history of the Holocaust constitute the greatest dangers for the future. In the end, it is crucial to know if the duty to cultivate the memory of the Resistance and Deportation is destined for a particular or a common purpose. ( Who will ever assume the cost for the '' reparations '' due to the 27 million Soviet citizens and for the millions communists outside the USSR who have died in their struggle against Nazi-fascism, in the Old continent as well as in Asia ? Who would dare pretend that their intellectual heirs would also have to '' be prohibited to think for twenty years '' ( a thousand years ? or more ? ).( As you know this was the sentence pronounced by the Mussolini's Fascist Judges against Antonio Gramsci. )

There are two series of questions that need to be episodically reexamined from scratch.

1.        What explains the obstacle raised by intra-communitarian trust to the national and international development of the class struggles and alliances ? This impediment is manifested by the will of the Right-wing Zionists to instrumentalize the majority of all Jewish communities inside and outside Israel. It is : a ) fear; b ) the desire for normality; c ) a '' power trip '' on the part of Right-wing Zionists ?

2.        What is the meaning to be a '' Jew '' in the modern world ? Is it to be : a ) an Israeli citizen; b ) a member of a religious community which can be subdivided into various denominations ? c ) a member of a cultural community who believes that s/he shares a common cultural past and a common cultural future with a specific group, or at least one who feels s/he has a duty to show solidarity with this group; d ) a member of this large community who claimed that we are all '' German Jews '' now; e ) a member of a chosen race ?

The answers given to the first series will overdetermined those given to the second. We will leave aside here any discussion on '' election '' and exclusivism since they were already extensively dealt with above. Let us remark briefly :

a ) The answer given by Marx, concerning the ordinary citizenship of the Jews in all countries rested on the conquest of secularity which, through its separation of Church and State, made citizenship, and therefore the equality among all individuals, possible. This answer remains the only one valid although we now have to take note of the creation of an Israeli State. This State was made '' necessary '' by the tentative to exterminate all Jews by the Nazis, in the same way as original Zionism had been made necessary by the East European pogroms and by the Dreyfus Affaire in France, a dramatic event covered by Th. Hertzl who was then a journalist. This necessity is equally expressed by the desire to physically '' return '' to the '' Holy Land '' entertained by a part of the Diaspora. More than an objective necessity, what we have here is a need to somehow close an old debate, one which is further poisoned today by the haunted fear of the '' final solution'' . In reality, we can see that the answer given by Marx is also valid for the State of Israel. A '' Jewish State '' can only be a monstrosity, a vast stately ghetto calling the Jews to an ethnic withdrawal and therefore running the risk to provoke a chain of such communitarian retreats so potent that no instrumentalization of anti-Semitism nor any tentative to establish a universal empire will ever be able to conjure them. There remains therefore the only pertinent question : Can the State of Israel survive as the last refuge of the Jewish people, without transforming this State into an Apartheid State, an evolution which would signal its inevitable destruction ? I have tried to answer this last question by pointing out that the contemporary demographic equilibria which still allow Israel to remain a '' democratic '' State with a Jewish majority ( in other words to remain a '' normal '' State both demographically and religiously ) can only be made perennial through the unconditional recognition by Israel of UN Resolutions 242, 338 and 194, allowing for some marginal modifications and an adequate management of the question of the return of the Palestinian refugees, as is well illustrated by the Geneva Accord. ( 5 )

b ) The Massada Complex has always been a recipe for sectarian collective suicide. It is a very bad strategy that does not permit to fight against real aggressions nor to dissipate fear. For now, Israel, cut off as it is from a full integration in its own geographic environment, is but a croupion State terribly indebted and even more dependent on outside help. Arrogance and appearances aside, it has become a hyper-vulnerable State. As this extreme vulnerability is occulted, the present '' leaders '' find it possible to entertain an illusion of military greatness, partly based on the possession of more that 100 nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them around the globe. But suppose that one day the theocratic empire engineered by the Right-wing Zionists will find its own Vietnam ( a conclusion already foreshadowed in Iraq ) : Who, then, will become the '' legitimate '' scapegoats, the Christian Zionists or the Israelis of all stripes, if not the Israelites of yesteryear ? No one better that the Zionists, who still retain an institutional memory of the peculiar English backing ( Balfour ) of the establishment of a Jewish '' homeland '' in Palestine, know the terrible ambivalence of all imperial elites on this subject. As is known, empires might have allies but no friends. They had coldly calculated the possibility to '' get rid '' of their own Jewish population under the applause of all Nietzscheans and Zionists, while imagining the artificial creation of a dependent, and therefore supposedly loyal entity, in an alien strategic region which happened to control one of their main naval, commercial and military communication route. Do we know a single State ( Israel included ) that, when push comes to shove, does not resort to its own Raison d'Etat in order to evaluate the tolerable extent and scope of this dependency ? Cut off from its immediate region and from its foreign support even the nuclear weapons, necessarily pray to natural obsolescence and rust, will fast become an intolerable economic burden, yet one which it would be impossible to neglect, due to the potential danger it represents. The choice will then be between the reprocessing of these nuclear wastes at great economic expense and mass unemployment. Given these initial conditions, who does really believe that the rabbinic manipulations concerning purity and tribal appurtenance will ever allow the creation inside Israel of a viable philo-Levitic State ?


What is entirely unthinkable is the propensity of a great part of the contemporary Jewish people, intoxicated by its Right-wing Zionist '' elites'' despite the common history of Resistance and Deportation, to place their trust with the Right-wing Nietzscheans instead of with the unshakable anti-Nietzscheans from the Right as well as from the Left. The question always remains : Which spirit does one choose, that of the Reaction or that of the Enlightenment ? Gregarious instinct won't do as an acceptable answer. The trauma produced by the Dreyfus Affaire is not foreign to the '' renegade '' adhesion ( '' ralliement '' ) of Karl Kautsky to the imperialist war. The behavior of Leon Blum towards Spain and the International Brigades says a lot about their desire to belong at all cost to the inner circles of the dominant '' elite '' despite the obvious class interests. For these people, the real choice was in fact over-determined by a series of interests impossible to enunciate openly, impossible even to confess to. Conversely, Rosa Luxemburg did not read Carl Schmitt with any illusion over his literate kabalist knowledge ! As far as he was concerned Marcel Proust himself did consciously backtrack when he finally came to realize, at the end of his famous '' search of time lost'' , that authentic culture was to be found in the natural way of being of his domestic, that is to say in the ways of an authentic representative of the people to whom he himself belonged. Realizing this he summed up his illusions of bygone days which had nevertheless nourished his art with a single sentence : '' may this at least become a star in the night'' .

Whatever the case may be, in the last instance, history is always the history of the class struggles, the nations themselves, as dated modes of social grouping, only represent historical mediations. This self-evidence was amply demonstrated by the last two world wars. Let us nevertheless abstract from the knowledge that since the beginning of Diaspora, the most obscurantist rabbis were masters at manipulating fear in order to bind their community together and thus reassert their own power over it. What needs to be underlined today is that all brands of Zionism do share with Right-wing Zionists the same ontological deformation of this subject. At most, the first '' seem '' more reasonable as far as the future of Israel is concerned. Thus, in a characteristic fashion, through blind servitude to the Torah or through Machiavellian calculus, all brands of Zionism do conceptualize all problems by first defining a priori what they themselves desire, and only then with the best conceivable conscience in the world, and without fear of ridicule, are they ready to '' universalize '' these peculiar and terrible idiosyncrasies so as to be able, in the end, to generously propose solutions to the problems which other people might still continue to perceive. Thus, did the Nazis use '' circumcision '' as a way to tell the Jews apart from others ? It then suffices to carry out circumcision on all male children in all hospitals without any prior authorization from the parents, as was in fact done in many countries and continues to be the case in North America, including among groups who share the classical '' Greek horror '' of all irrational mutilations imposed to either men or women. Including also among the classes would do not share this curious and illusory manner to protect oneself, a manner which is both reprehensible and dangerous. Do the Zionists have the backing of the English and of the West to establish what in the beginning was only intended as a '' homeland '' ? Soon the '' Jewish question '' becomes an '' Arab question'' , artificially fabricated to serve a cause, the genocidal contemporary ferocious deportation of the Palestinians with the complicity of all Western powers, many of whom retain in their heart their earlier wish to get rid of their own '' Jewish question '' inside their own nation. Does the UN define a Sharing Plan in 1947 which leaves a little bit more than 50 % of the Palestinian territories to the Palestinians ? With a series of wars and ethnic cleansings achieved with bombs and condoned by almost all the Israeli leaders, including Ben Gourion, the Likud and its allies, among whom a great many members of the Labour Party, immediately plan the erection of Eretz Israel and eventually start to build a Wall of '' separation '' ( in reality of genocidal Wall of Apartheid ) which directly expropriates half the 22 % of the Occupied Territories of Cisjordania and Gaza. As you will recall, these remaining Palestinian territories were defined by the UN Security council's Resolutions 242 and 338 as the land destined to give birth to a sovereign and independent Palestinian State to be incorporated within the UN system as such. Was the Secularity Principle established as the sine qua non condition for the continued existence of full Jewish citizenship in the West thanks to the strict separation of Church and State and consequently the political neutralization of all theocratic and secular exclusivist perversions ? Without losing time the old demons were resuscitated and gave birth to a masked and systemic attack aimed at redefining '' secularity '' as a society-wide '' multiconfessionality'' , an regressive avenue deemed fully compatible with total privatization and the establishment of the putative philo-Semite Nietzschean Empire. ( For the republican salvation of all, authentic secularity should instead have been reimposed over the private schools which in France are attended by some 30 % of all Catholic, Protestant and Jewish children, and no doubt, tomorrow, by the same percentage of Muslim children. This deleterious counter-reformation gives way to Machiavellian manipulations relating to the wearing of the veil by female students : In this '' awakened nihilist '' fashion it was thus, un-necessarily but very consciously, possible to transform a non-existent question into a republican stake, one capable to incite very strong feelings between the French Republic, cradle of modern secularity, and its culturally Muslim population which happen to be 16 times more important than the Jewish community, but one that is uniformly and grossly under-represented given its cultural nonviolence and its respect for legitimate political authority inherited from its traditional Islamic teaching. In this '' awakened nihilist '' fashion it was possible to plant the seeds capable to tarnish the image of the French Republic, cradle of the secularity principle, for a long time to come, thus distracting from the regressive and racist policies carried out by Zionists of all stripes in the USA, in Israel and elsewhere ! It is a memory duty at this point to underline with a red pen and to forcefully condemn the unwise manipulations of Alain Bauer, Klugman and many other Roger Cukierman. ( This last individual went so far as to applaud in Le Monde the momentary electoral rise of Le Pen thought to represent a political force frontally opposed to the French citizens of Muslim origins ! Indeed, before their misguided '' awakened '' handling of a fake secularity debate intended to be solely directed against the French Muslim community, there only were some twenty problematic instances related to the wearing of the veil in public schools and, among those, only 4 were considered difficult ( meaning that the students refused to obey ). Still, among these 4, two ( 2 ) were young ladies of Jewish origin who had just converted to Islam, and whose father is none other than a turncoat from the communist party - a common behavior in these troubled times when, to borrow a phrase from Louis Aragon, '' il fait beau comme jamais'' -. This episode may indeed show a deep citizen solidarity and testifies to the deepest family values and republican culture. Nevertheless, these people consciously exaggerated the real '' problem '' in order to transform it into an acute constitutional problem in need to be resolved while they were strongly present inside all the inner circles of power. They failed miserably but nothing indicates that they have put an end to their unwise intention to substitute an unrepublican '' multiconfessionality '' for the present constitutionally guaranteed secularity while '' prudently '' keeping the same name for both. Does the systemic discrimination of some ethnic and social groups call for determined governmental action aimed at suppressing it ? Immediately the leaders of a once persecuted community, which is now comfortably established and over-represented everywhere in the West, despite its indifferent demographic weight and despite clear constitutional equality requirements, laboriously initiate an offensive destined to perpetuate their own singularity as the very basis of universality per se. Instead of taking a new look at affirmative or positive action and neutral selection processes, they unconvincingly and unscientifically pretend that their positions are strictly due to authentic '' merit'' , an usual Nietzschean ploy but one which is definitively not supported by the simple but irrefutable law of great numbers. Indeed, you will probably have already noticed their spurious and silent attacks against any neutral selection methods based on a modern comprehension of '' intelligence '' and on the operation of the law of great numbers which alone can guarantee a truly egalitarian and republican mechanism assuring the authentic mobility of the elite based on the scientific logic of probability instead of being based on a cast-oriented pretension to divine election. In this respect, ignominy knows no bounds and history tells of some geneticists who, in part, lifted and plagiarized the discoveries which later brought them celebrity. ( To mention only one of them who likes to pose and whose boring narcissism apparently makes him see everything double, Jim Watson tells us now, without any fear of ridicule, that it would be possible to do away with the alleged '' genetic injustice '' done to both parents and children. He thus seriously proposes the creation of a genetic engineering duly bent on favoring clones of people, presumably like himself, belonging to the same more or less '' Oxfordian '' casts. Taking themselves as models, lifting habits and all, would probably help ushering the emergence of a '' post-humanity'' ! Obviously Watson conveniently ignores the criterion which ordinarily serves to designate the Rhodes Scholars everywhere in the world and why they are given such extensive scholarships and leaves to travel ! It is quite a luck that Watson himself has not, to my knowledge, equally defended the sanctity of marriage and of matrilineal lineage since this would have caused him and his fellow geneticists many worries as to the traceability as well as to the theoretical imputation involved in belatedly rediscovering the underlying importance of parental structures ! In my early article entitled '' Dioscures, culture et génétique '' ( end of may 1998 ) that was later used in part in the chapter '' Spoliation '' of my book Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme ( 2002, p 204 and next, freely available on this same site ), I had already denounced and demolished this sort of argumentation deprived of any scientific foundations, but one which no doubt is well attuned to American and Anglo-Saxon philo-Semitism, at least as far as its sociological basis are concerned. Is it necessary to add, without mockery, that any civilization which fails to produce a Bussy Rabutin and a Diderot, or indeed a Chaucer, puts its survival at risk by an excess of gravitas ?

This directed transforming mania, the fundamental vice of all forms of Zionism, is nothing else than a political potentially lethal deformation of religious exclusivism. It sows the seeds of conflict and fear and, with its characteristic arrogance and cultivated bad faith, it reduces the objective problems into matters strictly resolvable by brute force. The mental structures from which it derives are those of ingrained sectarianism that blindly replaces objective reality by its own rambling and by its own fanatical fables. Inevitably, in the end, number does the rest. Unless, by necessity or through a conscious moral reaction and a wise desire to prevent conflict, we witness a judicial reaction such as was intelligently and dispassionately ( for his epoch, at least ) described by Shakespeare in his Merchant of Venice. The conclusion is straight forward : No more than for any other people and proletariat can there be any salvation for their Jewish counterparts, derived from this exlusivist drifting which accomplishes only one single feat, namely that of fanatically destroying the sole antibodies and the remaining global protections embodied in the principle of republican equality of all citizens of both gender, an equality which can variously be expressed in liberal or socialist democratic regimes. Stalingrad is the definitive proof of this contention. As we can see, instilled irrational and exclusivist fear has suicidal roots.

c ) If I were to trust my own subjective idiosyncrasy, to be a '' Jew '' would simply mean to be a '' Marxist'' , at least in part. Here resides the solution to the dilemma of the Jews since the beginning of the Diaspora : Namely the possibility to be both a community in exile, a community who at times prepared its eventual return by refusing to be totally assimilated into the counties of adoption, and one who could seek to be totally integrated into their new countries. Contrary to what is currently propagated individual returns to the '' holy land '' before 1948 or even before 1917 were not impossible but they naturally implied a peaceful integration and coexistence within the Ottoman empire which in this respect was more advanced than the West. The West inability to adequately answer to the specific human problem posed by the Second World War changed the existing oriental dynamic and turned it into a lasting colonial and civilizational conflict. The creation of the State of Israel changes in part the initial conditions of the problem but without resolving by itself this important original dilemma. Today the existence of the State of Israel imply the necessary reformulation of the concept of '' normality '' for most Jews, if only because of the existence of the relationships between the Diaspora and the State of Israel and the diplomatic ( or organizational, see the Jewish Congresses, for instance ) tentacles of certain exclusivist tendencies within the State of Israel. In other words, the exclusivist and amnesic version of the Shoah inevitably raises the problem of the political and ideological nature of the Jews themselves, which is the exact opposite of the pseudo guiltiness of the Gentiles. Can anyone be a Jew after Auschwitz and still listen to Wagner ? What does '' normality '' become in all this, this same normality which allows free consciences to freely accomplish their own evolution ? Fake questions are just like fake Aristotelian oppositions : They do not withstand a confrontation with logic and reality. Even without the help of Bergson or Braudel, we all know that the private, cultural, ideological and political existences are not identical. They do not express themselves in the same '' space '' or '' duration'' . To confuse them means to adopt a suffocating rigorism, even though some stands are less honorable than others. For instance, it took me a long time to understand why on Earth someone like Einstein ended up choosing the USA instead of the USSR ( it is not at all certain that it really has much to do with the alleged '' bruit de bottes '' alluded to by very primitive and selective minds see Einstein '' Why socialism'' , in Monthly Review May 1994 ); or again why many survivors of the death camps, including those freed by the Red Army, did chose to walk towards the West, a horizon already transformed into a pasteboard Western of illusions, even though many had no family reasons whatsoever to do so. Or again, why did a Primo Levi continue to defend the private property of the means of production and so on and so forth. The only acceptable answer, it seems to me, it to conclude that material conditions of existence always precede the essence, although, it sometimes is unfortunately impossible for objective memory and true history to play their role as true material forces given the general historical and cultural amnesia produced by the global domination of capitalism and its associated classes and ( religious ) groups. To these must be added the ancillary contradictions resulting from institutional rigidities in all States, USSR and Israel alike, which do not permit their rapid resolution nor even, at times, the clear-sightedness necessary to value them dispassionately in all their cruel reality. While classical Bolsheviks were not wrong in pretending that we can sometime legitimately conceive the revolutionary telescoping of various historical epochs, we have to admit that there are no conceptual shortcuts in this domain. The essential attitude then is to avoid to give an answer at all cost, one which necessarily would be partial in nature, but instead to contribute to the creation of the optimal conditions for a valid resolution from the concerned individuals and groups themselves. Any State necessarily acts in accordance with its own Raison d'Etat and its own Realpolitik. This ontological impossibility to reconcile a '' State '' of Israel with the selective catechism of the Shoah led inevitably to the adoption and propagation of a philo-Semite Nietzschean ideology which voluntarily occulted the necessary Judeophobic deformations resulting from any form of Nietzscheanism ( as testified by history so far. Neither Sharon nor Wolfowitz nor even a Richard Perle or a Kagan can pretend to ignore the deep if suppressed anti-Semitism pervading the mentality of their new '' born again '' US allies. Nor do they ignore their cherished '' Zionist '' prophecies concerning the final conversion and destruction of the Jews. They only gratuitously think to be smarter and stronger ! ). Judeo-fascism, even if successfully '' normalized '' is indeed a very poor guaranty of survival for the Jewish people. This solution seems to me even worse than that derived from the Massada complex. At best, it can only encourage this '' monstrous sodomy of the victim and the henchman '' denounced by Césaire. At worse, it forces history to stutter monstrously. A normal Jew can politically choose whatever s/he wishes, right-wing or left-wing political affiliations, but s/he cannot legitimately adopt fascist or theocratic-fascist attitudes, such as represented by Right-wing Zionism, no more, in fact than any other modern citizen. Imperatively, s/he cannot aspire to become him/herself what s/he would refuse to contemplate in his/her fellow Gentiles. This is an ethical and a theoretical demo-cratic question ( ethical imperative ? ) even before it becomes a question of number and of equilibrium of forces, whatever the numerous bullies and sorcerer-apprentices may think and, incidentally, whatever someone like J. Habermas has to say on the subject. Like it or not, secularity and citizenship, as demonstrated by Marx, are necessarily part of his/her vital conditions of existence. They alone could permit the development, within Israel or outside it, of a legitimate Jewish religiosity which would remain compatible with the complete integration and normalization in the political sphere without invoking the rebirth of the old demons of exlusivism once again lined up in order of battle. But this time, history proceeds without an organized proletariat capable to produce in extremis a new Stalingrad and thus capable to save from their inevitable fate many people who are themselves more or less '' militant '' but who, nevertheless, almost unanimously fancy themselves to be variously '' chosen' and '' awakened'' .

What are racism and anti-Semitism ?

It seems judicious at this juncture to note that, paradoxically, Zionism per se , in all its variants has stopped to constitute a problem ever since the PLO has accepted to consider a political solution on the basis of the UN Sharing Plan of 1947 and on the basis of the UN Resolutions 242, 338 and 194 as well as all the other pertinent UN resolutions. The abomination of current Right-wing Zionism can easily be valuated from these objectives facts. We should underline that the unique efficient remedy known to be capable to fight durably against anti-Semitism consists in learning to instinctively recognize the real differences between Zionism, anti-Semitism and Right-wing Zionism and to condemn the last two without any hesitation.

After all, as long as equality has not become a political and social reality, especially as far as the differentiated hardship of work and the discrepancy of revenues are concerned, anti-racism can only be a civilized bet on ultimate human equality. If it cannot yet be a simple affirmation based on irrefutable facts, it is only because of the continuous obfuscations at the hands of the dominant casts. By questioning equality of chances ( von Mises and Weber ) and real integration these regressive casts are currently even putting formal bourgeois democracy at risk. This scientifically motivated bet explains why anti-racism is so precious and needs to be upheld with the utmost and meticulous vigilance. It contains in itself a vision of Man that is directly antithetical to any exclusivist visions.

But what is exactly racism ? It is the discrimination and the denigration of an individual or a group based on ethnic and cultural characteristics for which they are not personally responsible. However, religion being still too tied to culture, we are forced to add that the concept of '' chosen race'' , when it refers to a political vision or to political characteristics ( i.e when it is theocratic in nature instead of being strictly moral and confined to the private sphere ), does constitute a real form of racism, in fact a dangerous and pernicious form of racism. In the same manner, all the sects which, like Scientology, pretend to divide individuals into different casts, constitute the apex of this brand of racism, and should therefore be treated in the most rigorous fashion, according with the existing laws supervising sects and the methods of indoctrination and of psychological control they use against vulnerable individuals. As we know, these methods clearly violate the existing laws of many countries and in any case they ontologically hinder the emergence and development of free critical consciences, by definition all equal among themselves. Similarly, Nietzscheism in all its forms, be it philo-Semite or not, divides Mankind between on the one hand '' overmen '' ( variously chosen according to religion, spiritism, ideology or even '' genetics '' ) and, on the other hand, the ordinary mortals, and as such do constitute a heinous and intolerable form of racism.

Are equally racist the terms derives from these attitudes which are therefore used with premeditation with the aim of discriminating and '' minorizing '' ( belittling ) individuals and groups through the simple but weighty act of maliciously '' designating '' them. To call someone '' youpin '' ( Anti-Dryfussard derogatory French word for '' Jew ''; yet, etimologically speaking "youpin" means "degenerate Jew". ) is monstrous. Yet, to call someone '' beur '' is even more monstrous ( '' beur '' is a French common slang word for Arabs and North-Africans, a term that many people who would vociferously object to the word '' youpin '' and who sincerely or calculatedly fight any form of '' communautarism'' , somehow like to generalize in reference to this specific and shamefully under-represented groups ). Trying to selectively vulgarize and make banal some derogatory words, including in media organs commonly read by the '' elites'' , while being vociferously finicky over other terms closer to one's own appurtenance, does in reality constitute a latent but extreme and heinous form of racism because it is done with a real false good conscience. As can be easily verified, the fulcrum of this strategy consists in inducing the '' elites '' drawn from these same groups ( token Arabs ? ) to use the term themselves despite their full appurtenance to communities who are entitled to the same citizen rights as everyone else within the Republics and the States concerned.

What is anti-Semitism ? Of course, it is the discrimination and denigration of an individual or a group based on ethnic and cultural characteristic for which they are not personally responsible, or which constitute a generally recognized fundamental individual right, for instance the appurtenance to the Jewish community. ( I do not see how to avoid the term '' community '' here, as a term referring to an ensemble displaying at least some characteristics held in common ( pace Russell ! ). Comprenne qui pourra ! On the one hand you have disinterested research; on the other hand, you have blind mystification which pretends to be awakened; on the other hand still, you have good intentions weakly grounded on anything remotely scientific or logical; on the other hand, too, you have indignation which is known to be a poor adviser; on the other hand, in fine, you have the pre-Marxist habits known as Hegelian diremptions, likable surely but waking on their heads, in short all the '' complexity '' worthy of a Prevert's inventory ! ) The Rabbinic pretension to divide Jewish and Israeli society among '' tribes '' differently elected in the face of '' god'' , when it is transposed in the political sphere, become the summum of sectarian racism and should be denounced as such. In the same manner, this pretension to be chosen, which affects all the fake allures of '' meritocracy '' while abusing of all the known artifices ( ideological, '' Shoah '' etc ) necessary to preserve a surnumerary representation in the highest circles of power, constitutes a heinous and sectarian racism which the law of great numbers would soon refute if it could be allowed to democratically express itself without fabricated impediments. The belief in an exclusivist post-humanity, when transposed in the ideological political sphere, or when it is put in practice ( in an eugenic, genetic and communitarian form ), truly constitutes an insidious racism, one which is lethal for demo-cracy. ( The '' legal '' or active support of any form of racism being itself a form of racism, Europe finds itself confronted with the imperative repatriation of all the documents relating to the '' état civil '' of its population. It unconsciously chose to deposit these important personal documents in the USA, a country which makes no bone about its intention to indiscriminately patent living organisms and where too many persons, among whom many Zionist geneticists of all stripes, harbor proto-eugenic concepts of a '' post-humanity '' to be created by a '' return '' to the '' roots '' - for instance, those of the '' great priests '' of the temple. A refusal would represent a violation of the rights of Europeans as a human group of individuals, and a potential expropriation of each of them, as genetically unique individual who rightfully owns all the information related to their own being. Such a refusal would therefore sanction a violation of their rights as citizens who should remain the sole legal masters of their own body and of their own conscience. ) Right-wing Zionists as well as the social and political most reactionary elements in any society are consequently the worst propagators of antisemitic racism. The '' Fear of Other human beings '' denounced by Jean-Paul Sartre does not justify the killing of your neighbor ( viz. the too emblematic heroes of Camus ) nor does it justify the imposition of a true '' ethnocide '' aimed at creating, in a reverse sort of fashion, a religious and legal '' anteriority '' ( lawful possession of the land ) which only exist in the fables and the fairy tales that make history begin with a series of genocides that are said ( without much thinking ) to have being accomplished with the help of god, in view of establishing a '' promised land'' . This concept of '' anteriority'' , constitutive of exlusivism itself, becomes a form of active racism as soon as it exits the sphere of the strictly private. It equally constitutes an obvious violation of international law, of the universal Charter of Rights and of the principle of collective security.

We should note, above all, that when dealing with racism and with anti-Semitism, the seriousness of the guilt depends on the degrees of education. This is not to say that their manifestations should ever be condoned. However, the ordinary mortal is often dependent despite himself of the prejudices of the supposed elites and of the lower clergies from academia and from the dominant mass-media who do not hesitate to publicly pretend to be '' awakened '' in one sort or another. An ordinary Arab who would swear against the Jews but who, at the same time, tells you that s/he ardently desire peace trough the implementation of the '' land for peace and security principle '' on the basis of the pre-June 1967 borders, is, by far, less racist and reprehensible that an Alain Finkielkraut who, from the hight of his evidently undeserved academic position, and with all the gravitas of which he is usually capable of, publicly argues in favor of a '' separation '' while he cannot, in any conceivable way, ignore that this idea of '' separation '' badly masks a series of patent war crimes. ( This concept of '' separation '' would remain a pure and obvious horror even if it were implemented in Israeli lands beyond the '' Green line '' which marks the pre-June 67 border. ) This is so because this '' separation '' is implemented through the erection of an Apartheid Wall consciously designed to artificially create true Palestinian Bantustans by expropriating about half of the occupied lands which still remain in the hand of Palestinians. ( These Occupied lands represent about 22 % of the historical land of Palestine and you might recall that the UN Sharing Plan had given a little more than 50 % to the native Palestinian people. ) This concept of '' separation '' and its necessary corollaries do constitute a definitive and unilateral declaration of war as well as a grievous affront to regional and world peace and to the cooperation and friendship among all people. Of course, he is not alone, nor is he the most original : His right-wing inspiration is palpable behind his public stands as are those of numerous and blind second rate writers, a dangerous group much too mediatized for their own good and for the good of ordinary bona fide students and listeners.

Paul De Marco, Professor of International Relations ( International Political Economy )

Copyright January 14, 2004.

1.        see '' La CJC déclare illégal le '' mur '' israélien '' www.lemonde.fr ( 09-07-2004 )

2.        Those who cannot stand the term '' communist '' any more should have the honesty to leave the Party and let other true and democratic communists in peace. This is more than a simple obvious matter of authentic democratic representation. In effect, it can already be seen that the future will look quite bleak without an authentic communist critique of the current democratic societies as they are increasingly threatened from the inside by the current philo-Semite Nietzscheans. The communist party does not need Freemasons, '' awakened nihilists'' , closet exclusivists and the like. The Marxist labor law of value and its project of emancipation of Mankind remain the most important scientific conquests of the proletariat, one which differentiate '' communism '' from all other political theories and programs. One that needs to be upheld theoretically and constantly illustrated in practice. Only the Marxist labor law of value can allow us collectively to choose rationally between a '' revolutionary '' or a '' reformist revolutionary '' road to Socialism or to imagine the most appropriate forms of an authentically '' reformist revolutionary '' program according to circumstances and to the democratic logic of class alliances, without easily falling pray to spurious and opportunist renegade non-Marxist horizons.

3.        I am here using the term '' multiconfessionality '' to designate the purely religious denominational system. The term '' denominational '' is far to biased because it fraudulently seems to imply neutrality and thus belittles by implication the authentic secularity concept. On occasion, I come to think that this current usage in the English tongue would, by itself, justify the introduction of the neologism '' laicity '' to designate an authentic secularity which, consequently, could not in any way, shape or form, be confused with unsecular, bastardized systems variously based on multiconfessionality. This is because multiconfessionality really confers a lasting and debilitating social and political power to archaic religious authorities. In particular, these non-elected authorities retain the power to select the teaching staff within the '' public '' and private education systems and therefore influence, in the most hypocrite fashion, the mind set and the customs of the so-called ( Burkean ) '' elites '' and of all citizens. In effect, this constitutes a permanent concession to the most reactionary forces in society, particularly among the highest religious authorities, a situation which inexorably leads to a theocratically based censitarian democracy. M. Stasi knew what he wanted.

4.        '' dirty '' is strictly used here in the sense of Jean-Paul Sartre's term '' salaud'' . It means what it says.

5.        See '' On the desirability of a Jewish '' separation '' from Palestinians and Arabs '' ( November 10, 2002 ) in '' Correlative documents : Nietzscheism and America'' . See '' Nietzsche as an awakened nightmare '' in the Books Section of this same site.